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Have you been watching Succession? I can’t get enough of Shiv and Tom’s dynamic. (Bitey!) Here’s a round-up of great lines, including Greg explaining why he’s not the best guy for a task: “I guess he occasionally has expressed a distaste in the past for my particular favor… of me.”

The trailer for Never Have I Ever’s fourth season just dropped, and it looks great. Mark your calendars for June 8th.

Says a reader named Sarah: “I’m about to graduate with my master’s degree (!!!!!!) but have literally no clue what to wear to the ceremony. Do I keep it business-y? Casual? Wear a jumpsuit? Most of the twenty-something women in my cohort are wearing white mini-dresses. That feels a bit young for me (a mid-thirties single mom of two).” First off, congratulations on a major accomplishment. Second, fun question! How about leveling up the white-dress angle? Consider a ribbed wrap dress, a button-down tucked into a chic skirt, or a poplin midi. Or! If you want to go completely sideways, throw on this plaid suit with hot pink lipstick and bring the house down. Either way, HUGE congrats!!!!!! You’re amazing.

Me, this coming Sunday.

P.S. More fun things, and five perfect comedy scenes.

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