Bread bag holders laid out on a table with crumbs

Screenshot: Secret Mode

One of the best things about video games is that they can act as a form of wish fulfillment for the player. Save the world, go to space, or harness the power of dragons. But one of the newest additions to Game Pass offers one of my personal favorite bits of wish fulfillment: having a clean apartment. A Little to the Left is a cozy puzzle game all about staying organized, and its relaxing but challenging experience is the perfect short escape from the unavoidable task of actually cleaning my apartment.

Separated into a number of stages each centered around a single mess in need of tidying, A Little to the Left’s puzzles take the form of household objects. A drawer of silverware needing to be sorted, for instance, or a pantry shelf on which the use of space is anything but optimized. In addition to the expected organizational tasks, more whimsical challenges like sorting pasta shapes can bring a smile to your face in the midst of playing. There is a light guidance to each puzzle, but everything is driven by intuition on the part of the player. You feel what is right and let your inner desire for order guide every movement until the result appeals to you.

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