That means it’s about to celebrate its 8th anniversary, and developer IGG has pulled out all the stops this time.

For one thing, it’s come up with a slogan: “Time to CelebrEIGHT”.

For another, it’s partnered up with Italian hypercar brand Pagani for a huge month-long series of events.

Set to run from February 1st until February 29th (because 2024 is a leap year), Lords Mobile X Pagani is a gold-plated opportunity to win a host of virtual and physical prizes.

Before we let you know what they are, here’s a bit of background on the game for those of you who haven’t yet played it.

Lords Mobile is a strategy MMO set in a sprawling fantasy kingdom called Athena. Story-wise, it takes place in the immediate aftermath of the Emperor’s demise, while Athena’s rival Lords are duking it out for supremacy.

You join the fray as one of these ambitious Lords, and your mission is to hack, slash, and maneuver your way to the top by building the best base, making the canniest alliances, and recruiting the most heroes, and generally laying waste to all before you.

As is the custom, Lords Mobile X Pagani is an umbrella event made up of lots of smaller events, taking place at different times during the month.

For instance, the Pagani Grand Prix sees you collecting achievements in order to earn prizes, including an exclusive Castle Skin and a variety of emotes and avatars. The Pagani Puzzle event, meanwhile, gives you the chance to win the Speedster Bundle.

And here’s why you definitely want to win a Speedster Bundle.

While most of the prizes and rewards on offer throughout Lords Mobile X Pagani are virtual, the Speedster Bundle is a collection of real life swag that includes a pair of branded Bose headphones, a Logitech keyboard and mouse, a Soocas electric toothbrush, a power bank, and a gigantic Oathkeeper figure.

The Pagani Power event, meanwhile, lets you earn Dice by logging in every day and completing simple quests.

These Dice allow you to race through the board, uncovering mystery tiles and collecting Power Tokens to spend at the Gift Shop.

Perhaps most remarkably of all, IGG has decided to mark Lords Mobile’s 8th anniversary with a fully fledged Guinness World Record attempt.

If 80,000 players join the effort they’ll be able to share in the glory of holding the world record for “Most contributions to an online ASCII image”, pending approval from the boffins at Guinness.

And there are still more ways to win. The top 20 players in the Anniversary Challenges will each get a commemorative art book, along with a host of other prizes.

You can find more info on Lords Mobile X Pagani on the Lords Mobile 8th Anniversary site, Facebook page, and Discord channel.

Lords Mobile is free to download on iOS, Android, and PC.

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