Three individuals from Kerala were discovered dead under mysterious circumstances in Arunachal Pradesh, prompting the Kerala police to dispatch a team to investigate amidst speculation of black magic involvement, Press Trust of India reported. The deceased, a married couple and a woman, were found in a hotel room in Lower Subansiri district.

Commissioner C Nagaraju of Thiruvananthapuram city police stated that while the behavior of the three appeared abnormal, it is premature to attribute their deaths to black magic. He emphasized the need for a thorough examination of their electronic devices for conclusive evidence.

The Kerala police team aims to ascertain the circumstances leading to their visit to Arunachal Pradesh and the events surrounding their demise. The deceased couple, both ayurveda doctors, had been married for 13 years. They arrived at the hotel on March 28, where the couple Naveen Thomas and his wife Devi B, and their friend Arya Nair, checked in. However, they were not seen after Monday, leading to the discovery of their bodies by hotel staff.

News reports said that Naveen had given up Ayurveda practice a few years ago and was into online trading, while his wife Devi taught German at a private school and Arya was a French teacher in the same school.

The investigation revealed that Arya had been reported missing by relatives on March 27, and subsequent inquiries revealed her travel with Naveen and Devi to Guwahati before ending up in Arunachal Pradesh. The note found in their room contained a contact number, which upon calling, connected the police to the couple’s family, news reports said.

Police in Arunachal Pradesh suggested suicide based on initial findings, pending the autopsy report. However, the Kerala police await further evidence to ascertain the circumstances leading to the tragic deaths of the three individuals. (With agency inputs)

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