Cameron Hamilton, Season 1

As for how the very first season of Love Is Blind was cast, well, it doesn’t sound like the process was all that different. In fact, Cameron says the casting team reached out to both him and his eventual wife Lauren Speed-Hamilton.

 “For me, it came in the form of a text message,” the data scientist shared on the couple’s Youtube channel. “I ignored the text message at first. I thought it was kind of shady. Two weeks later, I get a voicemail from casting. I call them back. They tell me about the premise of the show.” 

After hearing the rundown, Cameron continued, he initially thought, “Who could be crazy enough to propose to someone after talking to them for two weeks through a wall? Obviously, that was me.” 

But the more he learned about the series, the more interested he became. 

“At first it’s like, ‘Ah, I’ll just fill out the casting application and then jump through the hoops,’” he remembered. “And then the more I did it, the more I was getting invested in the show—to the point where I felt like fate was really pulling me for the show. I felt like something was really telling me I needed to do this show.”

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