Davis, CA, April 06, 2024 –(PR.com)– Biome Makers, a global agtech company, proudly announces its contribution to the publication of two scientific studies validating the efficacy and reliability of the company’s revolutionary technology. These landmark papers demonstrate a significant leap forward in the field of soil health intelligence and predicting soil functionality.

The first study titled “Physicochemical Properties and Microbiome of Vineyard Soils from DOP Ribeiro (NW Spain) Are Influenced by Agricultural Management,” evaluated the impact of conventional and sustainable management systems of vineyards from DOP Ribeiro on the soil’s condition. The multidisciplinary research brought together expertise from a range of institutions: Estación de Viticultura e Enoloxía de Galicia (EVEGA-AGACAL); Instituto de Investigación en Análisis Químicos y Biológicos (IAQBUS) at the Universidade de Santiago de Compostela (USC); Biome Makers Inc; the Área de Edafología y Química Agrícola at the Departamento de Biología Vegetal y Ciencia del Suelo, Facultad de Ciencias, Universidade de Vigo; and Laboratorio de Evaluación y Tecnología Ambiental at the Campus da Auga-Campus de Ourense, Universidade de Vigo.

The second study, titled “Enrichment of putative plant growth promoting microorganisms in biodynamic compared to organic agriculture soils,” investigates regenerative versus organic agricultural soils in 3 locations in Germany and 21 locations in France. This was a collaborative effort between the University of Kassel, the University of Geisenheim, BioDynamie Services, and Forschungsring e.V. These studies highlight the effectiveness of Biome Makers’ technology, BeCrop, and its proprietary indexes in microbial metabolism, soil bio-sustainability, while also detecting stress, nutrient deficiencies, and correlating with different management practices.

Dr. Alberto Acedo, Biome Makers’ Chief Science Officer and co-founder, commented, “These papers are a testament to our commitment to transparency and scientific excellence. By opening our technology for peer review and validation, we aim to foster trust and collaboration while pushing the boundaries of soil health data and innovative technology.”

The significance of these findings extends beyond Biome Makers’ own technology; they also highlight the superiority of the soil database and intelligence over others in the market. As noted in one of the papers, “These results showed how the workflow of Biome Makers’ index inference works, but also that their databases are superior to the limited literature review we conducted for their verification.”

In addition to its scientific validation, BeCrop Technology stands out for its accessibility via API connections. This means that BeCrop’s powerful soil intelligence solutions can seamlessly integrate into existing agricultural systems, enabling farmers and agricultural professionals to harness the benefits of advanced soil health assessment without disrupting their workflow.

These papers showcase the trust and credibility of Biome Makers’ BeCrop Technology. They provide a competitive edge and a foundation for building knowledge and references that contribute to the advancement of soil science globally.

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