Helldivers 2 players are used to things not going their way, so the last few days have been pretty odd. After successfully liberating Malevelon Creek (aka Robot Vietnam) earlier this week, the robot Automaton faction came back with even greater firepower, but players have managed to hold them off. In fact, they’ve done so well that the Automaton threat is all but wiped out in the galaxy. There are now only three holdout planets under Automaton control, meaning that it stands to reason that players could wipe them out entirely this weekend.

At least, that’s the goal of the latest major order in Helldivers 2. You see, all of these recent skirmishes against the Automatons has to do with Operation Swift Disassembly, a push in Helldivers 2’s story to dismantle the Automatons. The objectives of this operation have been passed down in phases, which included the reclamation of Malevelon Creek, and its final phase calls for the absolute annihilation of the robots. With a deadline that expires come Monday, this could be the last time folks fight against the robots for a while.


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