Saweetie and Victoria Monét got caught up in GloRilla and JT’s spicy social media exchange.

The musicians seemingly accidentally liked tweets from the rappers’ verbal online tussle.

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How Did Saweetie Get Involved?

Saweetie was seemingly unaware of her mistake. She took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to inquire, “Why my noties blowing up, what I do?”

X user @nye replied, “SISTER YOU ACCIDENTALLY SUPPORTED SOMETHING IN THE MIDDLE OF A FIGHT.” She responded, “Who I’m fighting.” 

The rapper had liked a photo of JT’s post featuring her mugshots. The message seemed to imply the City Girl has a mugshot coming for how she will handle GloRilla.

As a result, the ICY girl is currently trending on X.

How Did Victoria End Up In The Drama?

Similarly, Grammy-winner Victoria Monét reportedly inserted herself accidentally into the online argument. The singer later clarified her position on the beef during an Instagram Live session. Monét stated that a team member retweeted a message from the online beef, not her.

SpirtualWord revealed on Instagram that the “On My Mama” singer left her Coachella rehearsal to address the misunderstanding. Victoria explained to her followers that her former employee wasn’t aware they were using her account, not their personal one.

Additionally, Victoria clarified that she was not choosing sides and didn’t like the Black girl beef.

“I really have no problem with either of them. I’m sending so much love. I don’t f*** with Black women beefing online,” she said. “I want everybody to love each other, hug each other, and support each other.”

The employee on her social media team did face harsh punishment. Monét said, “And the person who did it is fired.”

“I wish people knew that and my character but how would you know that? It came from my account. So you have every right to cuss me out not knowing that it wasn’t actually me. I just had to make it clear,” Victoria explained. “I would never do that,” she added.

Meanwhile, Saweetie never confirmed or denied if she accidentally liked JT’s mugshot tweet.

As of Saturday, JT and GloRilla haven’t directly addressed each other again or their explosive posts.

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