Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League character Captain Boomerang smirks at something off-screen with a gun slung over his right shoulder.

Image: Rocksteady Studios

It appears the live-service shooter Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League is, once again, suffering from a hacker problem. Instead of doing absolutely absurd amounts of damage, this time hackers have figured out how to gain access to unreleased characters and skins. And publisher WB Games is reportedly issuing DMCA takedown notices against any assets that have found their way online.

As reported by IGN, one hacker discovered how to play as Deathstroke, one of the four characters developer Rocksteady Studios teased for an upcoming Suicide Squad season. The hacker is allegedly the top player on the game’s leaderboard, so anyone who logs in and checks the rankings should be able to see them. There were images floating around of this, though no character model was on display, just Deathstroke’s name and logo. There were also unreleased skins for The Joker and King Shark that folks have somehow accessed, all of which began circulating on Reddit and X/Twitter on April 4. Not long after, the assets were removed, with folks believing WB Games was behind the strikes.

YouTuber TrixRidiculous, who primarily covers DC- and Marvel-related RPGs, had their posts on X/Twitter swiftly taken down by a DMCA strike.

“I posted three pics to Twitter,” TrixRidiculous told Kotaku over email. “Within probably 30 minutes, I received a DMCA strike from WB Games [Kotaku saw a screenshot of this notice]. Please just bring attention to the fact that the leaderboard is riddled with hackers/cheaters that have gone unbanned since launch, as that’s all I was trying to do anyway.” This sentiment is shared across the game’s official subreddit, with folks posting about “losing interest” in Suicide Squad due to hackers flooding the leaderboards.

Kotaku reached out to WB Games for comment.

This comes not too long after Suicide Squad kicked off its first season, which went live on March 28 and introduced The Joker as a playable character. Unfortunately, players were immediately mad about the content offerings, decrying the grindy battle pass and the lack of plot for the clown prince of crime and hyucks. Things don’t seem to be going too well for Rocksteady Studios’ latest title lately, which WB Games said “fell short of expectations” in February.


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