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Lilia Serobian is pushing back on a popular skincare trend. 

The aesthetic nurse—who is working with Khloe Kardashian to treat her melanoma scarring—shared why she’s not a fan of using moisturizers that double as a sunscreen.

“Sunscreen, no matter what, is the No. 1 needed product for everybody,” Lilia exclusively told E! News. “Of course, moisturizer is important, too. But I actually like to use them separately because moisturizer with sunscreen is good on a daily basis if you want to do it. But in general, it is better to do separate.”

As for what makes a moisturizer-sunscreen combo less effective? The 7QSpa co-founder explained that it’s because “the ingredients level can be a little bit lighter in moisturizers with sunscreen.”

“Of course, it’s good for people to use any [SPF],” Lilia noted, “but for long-term to be outside, it won’t be enough of a protected layer. So, sunscreen to have separate is always better.”


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