Telling teenagers to stay away from each other is a waste of breath.

Brady and Theresa were both troubled teens once. They should know that telling Tate to stay away from Holly indefinitely will only push the two closer together.

That’s precisely what will happen on Days of Our Lives during the week of 4-08-24 as the teens take another step closer together.

Brady and Theresa have good reasons to want Tate to keep his distance from Holly. Tate realized it, too, until Holly finally told the truth and got him out of jail.

Now, he’s decided everything is forgiven and that he’s so in love with her that he’ll give her a burner phone to undermine Nicole’s confiscation of Holly’s real one.

Still, there’s no better way to make two teenage lovebirds inseparable than to order them to stay away from each other. Brady and Theresa should know better than to engage in that tired TV trope, especially considering their last effort to lay down the law was a colossal failure.

Ordering Tate to stay away from Holly only resulted in Brady catching them sneaking up to her room in the Dimera mansion. What makes him (or Nicole, for that matter!) think for a second that doubling down on banning this relationship will accomplish anything?

According to spoilers, Tate and Holly will have a romantic picnic — precisely the opposite of what their parents ordered them to do.

Great work, Brady, Theresa, and Nicole.

It’s hard to root for these kids despite their parents’ stupidity. Holly has been acting like a selfish brat since before her overdose, and her behavior afterward hasn’t helped.

She kept her mouth shut about what happened, allowing Tate to remain in a lockdown rehab he didn’t need for weeks. She only told the truth after sneaking three glasses of champagne. After her confession, she threw a tantrum because Nicole had punished her.

She’s not stellar girlfriend material, and it’s hard to understand why Tate is so hung up on her, except that teenagers don’t always have good judgment.

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Will Julie raise Maggie’s suspicion of Konstantin?

Maggie has closed her eyes to Konstantin’s lies for far too long, so let’s hope Julie wakes her up.

Even after catching him in a contradiction, Maggie seemed to believe his nonsense.

This isn’t the sharp, intelligent woman who was Victor’s equal in every way. Some viewers have wondered if she’s playing Konstantin, but it doesn’t seem like it.

Everett has an unusual reaction to being called by his alleged birth name.

Everett’s supposed to get more help from Marlena this week, and he’s not going to therapy a moment too soon.

A clip in the spoiler video has him snapping at Stephanie when she calls him “Robert Stein.”

He could just be frustrated that everyone keeps calling him by a name he doesn’t recognize, but could something more nefarious be going on?

Some of the things that only happen in Salem are people forgetting that they’re evil, having evil twins, or having undiagnosed DID that came on suddenly, so all of these are possibilities.

Kayla is unhappy with John after hearing what Steve has to say.

Steve will confess that he and John were responsible for Clyde escaping.

I can understand her anger, but I don’t enjoy people punching each other. Besides, Steve is equally to blame.

Hopefully, this doesn’t add to John’s self-pity, as he’s already having enough mopey behavior.

Determined to clear his name, Xander asks Chad to help investigate Harris’ shooting.

Investigative reporters often act as detectives in the soap world, so this isn’t such a bad idea.

Xander needs more proof. A good prosecutor could poke holes in his claim that the pants he wore that day were different than the shooter’s.

Chad and Everett (and maybe Leo) might want to take up the story of why Harris is pretending not to know that Stefan shot him. Exposing dirty cops is red meat for investigative reporters, so let’s go!

Holly and Tate do the opposite of staying away from each other.

As mentioned above, Holly and Tate will have a romantic picnic.

Hopefully, Tate’s love will help soften Holly. So far, she’s a walking stereotype of the angry, rebellious teen, which doesn’t make her likable.

Brady often goes for a run in the park, so hopefully, these two aren’t stupid enough to have their picnic along his regular route!

EJ breaks up a fight between Nicole and Kristen over Kristen’s treatment of Holly.

Ugh, more catfights.

This one is especially disappointing, considering Nicole’s strength with Holly. Kristen is one of those characters people love but wouldn’t want to hang out with, but this time, she might have a point.

Nicole confronts her because she tells Holly to stay away from Rachel. Granted, Rachel is a spoiled brat, too, but Kristen has the right to decide which adults her eight-year-old is allowed to spend time with.

It would be far better for Nicole to tell Holly that while Kristen is being unfair, this is another example of the consequences of breaking people’s trust.

Paulina and Abe face her iodine treatment together, but Abe may regret it.

Paulina will get snippy with Abe, according to spoilers.

I’m not sure why he’s even in the room since Paulina made such a big deal out of how she’d be isolated and was going to miss him during the treatment.

Let’s hope this leads to a real story for these two. Their meatiest story was mostly off-screen, and now that they’re back, they need something better to do than constantly talk about Lexie’s angelic visit.

Johnny and Chanel’s honeymoon may become a nightmare.

Johnny is a horror film buff. He should know better than to think a cabin in the middle of nowhere is an idyllic place for a honeymoon, especially not one where there have been at least two kidnappings and several arson attempts.

Australia’s Neighbours recently had a character die at a place like that, and now Days of Our Lives will have Chanel and Johnny’s honeymoon turn into a nightmare for a similar reason.

Since Clyde and Goldman are on the loose, what are the chances they won’t be held hostage by the dangerous fugitives?

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