Fans of Emily in Paris have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of season 4, which has faced delays due to various production challenges. With the third season released in December 2022, the extended gap between seasons has heightened anticipation for the upcoming installment. Now, as filming progresses, set photos have sparked intrigue by revealing a notable guest star.

Speculation Surrounding Guest Star

As per a report by Netflix Life, in a surprise to the fans, Brigitte Macron was spotted on the sets of Emily in Paris. Recent set photos from April 2024 have sparked speculation about a notable guest star joining the cast of Emily in Paris season 4. Lily Collins, donning one of Emily’s stylish ensembles, was photographed on set in Paris. However, it was the presence of France’s First Lady, Brigitte Macron, that caught everyone’s attention, hinting at a potential cameo appearance in the upcoming season, as revealed in the report by Netflix Life.

First Lady’s Potential Role

While details about Brigitte Macron’s role remain under wraps, her appearance on set has fueled curiosity about the storyline she might be involved in. Given Emily’s penchant for stirring up chaos, fans are left to wonder how her encounter with the First Lady will unfold and what role Macron will play in Emily’s Parisian adventures.

A Nod to Season 1 Reference

Brigitte Macron’s cameo appearance would mark a notable callback to a reference made in the first season of Emily in Paris. Although mentioned in an episode, Macron did not appear on screen. However, her potential on-screen debut in season 4 suggests a significant development in the storyline, potentially leading to intriguing interactions between Emily and the First Lady.

Excitement Among Fans

The prospect of Brigitte Macron gracing the screen of Emily in Paris has generated excitement among fans, especially considering Lily Collins’ previous encounter with the French First Lady. Collins’ revelation of Macron’s enthusiasm for the show during a late-night appearance only adds to the anticipation surrounding the upcoming season.

Confirmed Character Return

Amidst the speculation, set photos also confirm the return of a beloved character detail: Emily’s iconic old-school film camera phone case. The sight of Collins firmly holding the signature accessory offers fans a sense of familiarity and reassurance as they await the premiere of season 4.As filming continues and details emerge, anticipation for Emily in Paris season 4 continues to grow. With the addition of Brigitte Macron to the cast, the upcoming season promises to deliver another exciting chapter in Emily’s Parisian escapades.


Will there be a season 4 of Emily in Paris?

Lily Collins, the actor from Emily In Paris, personally confirmed the news in January 2022. She shared a photo on Instagram announcing not only the renewal of the show for a third season but also for a fourth season. The official Emily In Paris Instagram account has also corroborated this exciting update.

Will we see Alfie in season 4 of Emily in Paris?

That’s correct! In an intriguing turn of events in the upcoming season of Emily In Paris Season 4, Alfie and Camille are set to cross paths. Whether this encounter is orchestrated or purely coincidental remains a mystery until the Netflix series airs.

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