Epic Games has silently rolled out an update to Fortnite on April 5, bringing significant changes to the game’s meta. These changes include adjustments to weapons like the Waterbending Scroll, Frenzy Shotgun and Chains of Hades, as per a Dexerto report.

Frenzy Shotgun Adjustments

The Frenzy Shotgun, known for its dominance in the current meta, has received a slight nerf in this update. Its fire rate has been decreased by 0.20, and the critical damage multiplier has been reduced from 1.75x to 1.65x, making it less powerful in head-to-head combat.

Reaper Sniper Rifle Changes

The Reaper Sniper Rifle, which has undergone several adjustments in Chapter 5 Season 2, has been further nerfed. It now only appears in Epic and Legendary rarities, with decreased bullet speed and drop-off, meaning shots will drop sooner than before.

Hand Cannon Accessibility

The Hand Cannon, once a rare find in Fortnite, is now more accessible. Players had previously complained about its low spawn rate, prompting Fortnite to increase its likelihood of dropping from chest loot by 1.6 times.

Waterbending Scroll Enhancement

Introduced during the Legend of Korra event on April 2, the Waterbending Scroll, a mythic item, initially failed to impress players. However, Fortnite has now boosted its performance, increasing its fire rate by 20%, damage by 2 points (24 instead of 22), and crit damage multiplier by 0.25 (1.5x now, dealing 36 damage for a critical hit). Additionally, its projectile speed has been doubled, and hitscan distance has been buffed by approximately 6.25 times.

Chains of Hades Upgrade

Surprisingly, the Chains of Hades have received a significant buff in this update, enhancing their already powerful capabilities. The damage for each hit has been increased: the first and second hits now deal 55 damage each (previously 40), and the third hit deals 80 damage (previously 70). Even the hookshot’s damage has been increased from 40 to 60.


What are the major changes to the Waterbending Scroll in the latest Fortnite update?
The Waterbending Scroll now has increased fire rate, damage, crit damage multiplier, projectile speed, and hitscan distance, making it more effective in combat.Will I need to download the April 5 update to see the changes in Fortnite?
No, the latest update doesn’t require a separate download. The changes will be in effect when you log into the game next.

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