Kodak Black recently shared how he’s significantly reduced his Percocet intake.

The Florida rapper took to Instagram to share his “testimony.”

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As Kodak — walked outside a building in what seemed to be a parking area, he spoke directly to the camera.

“I remember a point in my life when I was doing a lot of Percs,” he admitted. He continued, “I’m proud of myself. I never been this happy in my life bruh.”

The ‘ZEZE’ rapper said he is not completely clean but he has slowed his intake significantly.

“I ain’t even gone say I’m anti-Perc — like I never took a Perc since I been home but bro my dosage so low that I can’t believe it myself.”

How Bad Was Black’s Percocet Addiction?

Bill shared that he was not ashamed to discuss his addiction as he was slowly overcoming it.

“Bro I went to jail bro…bro I was taking bro — and I could talk about this because this my testimony bro. I can talk about it cause ain’t no shame in my s***,” he said.

“I was taking bro at least 100 Percs. Bro my average was 40 Percocets,” he explained.

When Did Kodak Realize He Had A Problem?

Kodak stated that after he evaluated his intake and listened to the songs he had recorded, he realized he had a problem.

“I’m telling y’all this man. To the point I where look at this s*** and I would be like bro what the f*** was wrong with me bro?” he said. 

He added, “I would listen to my music and be like bro what the f*** fam.”

The ‘Tunnel Vision’ rapper was then abruptly interrupted by fans but he responded kindly to their request to take a photo.

As previously reported, the rapper’s December drug possession charges were dropped in February but the court ruled he would stay behind bars.

Police found Bill sleeping in the driver’s seat of his Bently. The officers stated his mouth was “full of white powder.” The rapper vehemently denied their claims it was cocaine, stating it was oxycodone.

Kodak was released from prison on Wednesday (February 21). He had been incarcerated since December.

Per The Shade Room, he threw rocks at reporters while leaving the facility.

It’s good to see that he seems to be in a healthier space. Good for you Black!

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