Cary, NC, April 04, 2024 –(–┬áTMSA Cary student Diana Zavadskaia competed at the NC State Fair under Junior Division and won second place in the technology division.

Her project focuses on artificial hearts. The project shows the process of designing and actual 3D printing of an original artificial heart, as well as an experiment that puts the invention to test. She became interested in this topic right when they started the anatomy unit dedicated to hearts in school. Since then, she has been studying independently and began focusing on artificial hearts. This was her first year of competition above the school level.

There is also a chance to be promoted to the national level and travel to a different state where the students from all the US will spend a week talking about research and presenting their projects.

Diana said, “It amazed me that something so essential can be replaced. I hope one day my research and inventions can be used in the medical field.”

Diana now has a chance for a promotion to the national level competition.

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