And she was sure her teen would be impressed no matter what—you know, in her own way. 

Asked if the athlete helped her train ahead of filming, Flora joked, “No. My daughter laughs at me. She’s like, ‘Ha, Ma, you’re going to get your ass whipped!'” And yet, Flora continued, she wasn’t about to quit and risk the wrath of host T.J. Lavin, Mr. Don’t-Take-Care-Hope-to-See-You-Never. 

“I said, ‘Well, listen, at least I’m going to try,'” explained Flora. “If you don’t try, you’ll never know.” It’s something she’d long instilled in her court-dominating, trophy-collecting daughter. “My thing is, doesn’t matter how big the opponent on the other side of the net is, it doesn’t matter how big their racket is. It only matters how you play the game. So win or lose, as long as you try, that’s the most important thing.” 

Her goal: “I wanted to show no matter how old I am, how unfit I may be, it’s still mind over matter. Just push through.”


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