Atlanta, GA, May 29, 2024 –(–┬áThe Association of Natural Hair Care Professionals (ANHC PRO) is pleased to announce a comprehensive revamp of its membership structure and benefits. This initiative is aimed at providing greater value and accessibility for natural hair care professionals. In response to feedback, economic challenges, and the evolving needs of beauty industry professionals, ANHC PRO has introduced a series of significant enhancements designed to better serve the industry.

Leaning into the Greatest Asset: The Members
Recognizing that the strength of ANHC PRO lies in its dedicated and talented members, the organization has restructured its membership options to be more inclusive and beneficial. This revamp addresses the rising costs of living and the need for practical, accessible resources for business owners in the beauty industry.

New Membership Benefits and Resources
As part of this initiative, ANHC PRO has added the following features to its membership offerings:

National Resume Bank: A comprehensive database of beauty industry professionals, facilitating connections and employment opportunities within the sector.

Job Board: A dedicated platform for members to find and post job opportunities, ensuring that talent and employers can easily connect.

Clubs: Special interest groups within ANHC PRO, allowing members to network, share knowledge, and collaborate on projects specific to their areas of interest.

Interactive Salon Map: An online tool to help clients and professionals locate salons offering natural hair services, promoting member businesses and making it easier for clients to find the services they need.

Simplified and Affordable Membership Structure
To make membership more accessible, ANHC PRO has streamlined its membership types from three categories (Pro, Executive, and Indie) with two payment options (monthly or annually) to two simple annual membership categories:

Professional Membership: $75 annually
Business Membership: $150 annually

This new structure significantly reduces costs, as previous memberships ranged from $115 to $750 annually, making it easier for professionals at all stages of their careers to benefit from ANHC PRO resources.

Exciting New Events

ANHC PRO is also introducing two innovative events to provide ongoing education and engagement:

Salon Essentials IG Lives: Featuring members’ new and innovative products and services for salons, these live sessions will provide a platform for members to showcase their latest offerings and stay updated on industry trends.

Beauty Industry Roundtables: Online sessions open to both members and non-members, these roundtables will discuss the latest industry issues, opportunities, and events, fostering a collaborative environment for beauty industry professionals and business owners.

The Association of Natural Hair Care Professionals (ANHC PRO) is dedicated to advancing the natural hair care industry by providing education, resources, and networking opportunities to beauty professionals. With a focus on promoting excellence and innovation, ANHC PRO supports its members in achieving their professional and business goals.

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