Gypsy Rose Blanchard is ready to give love a second chance. The former inmate has opened up to People about rekindling her romance with former fiancé Ken Urker amid her “heartbreaking” divorce from her first husband, Ryan Anderson.

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Gypsy Reconnects With Former Fiancé Ken Urker

Blanchard and Urker’s love story began as pen pals while she was serving time in prison for her role in her mother Dee Dee Blanchard’s murder. Urker initially proposed to Gyspy in 2018. However, their on-and-off again relationship ended years before her release in 2023. Now, the pair have managed to find their way back to one another. The world will be able to watch Gypsy’s and Ken’s relationship play out in her new Lifetime docuseries, ‘Gypsy Rose: Life After Lockup.’ The new show will officially premiere on Monday, June 3.

Before reconnecting with Ken in April, Gypsy Rose was married to Ryan Anderson. The couple tied the knot in 2022 while Gyspy was behind bars. People reports that a friend of Gypsy revealed that the couple split after a major disagreement, which led her to believe that Anderson was “controlling,” but he has denied the claims.

In an exclusive interview with People, Gypsy explained that it was easy for her to turn to Ken amidst her divorce from Ryan.

“It wasn’t until I knew my marriage was over that I was like, I would like to see you, and let’s hang out because we never got to hang out before when I was in prison,” Gypsy stated.

Furthermore, Gypsy revealed that Ken was always her first love, and he’s been extremely supportive throughout her breakup with Ryan.

“I would say that Ken is my first love because that’s when I honestly felt like a mature love. It wasn’t based off a fantasy. It was actually based on a connection that two people have for each other,” Gypsy explained.

More Details On Gypsy Rose & Ryan Anderson Split

In March, People reported that Gypsy and her first husband, Ryan Anderson, had separated. Gypsy officially confirmed the news via Facebook. The couple’s breakup came just three months after Gypsy was released from Chillicothe Correctional Center in Missouri after serving more than eight years in prison for plotting to murder her mother, Dee Dee Blanchard, with then-boyfriend Nicholas “Nick” Godejohn. Gypsy and Ryan united in marriage in July 2022 with a jailhouse wedding.

Now, Gypsy is looking forward to starting her new life and learning more about herself. She told People that she hopes her new Lifetime series, “Gypsy Rose: Life After Lockup’ will give viewers an insight into her life and her relationship with Ryan.

“I think people are going to understand aspects of my side, they’re going to understand aspects of Ryan’s side, and I think that they will come out of it saying, Okay, I understand that sometimes it just happens this way. That’s life,” Gypsy said.

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