Sony’s PSVR 2 headset launched back in February 2023 with a $549.99/€599.99 price tag and compatibility with only one device – Sony’s own PlayStation 5 console. Earlier this year, Sony announced its plans to add PC support for its VR headset and a new regulatory listing from South Korea finally shows the first bit of evidence for a PSVR2 PC adapter.

PSVR 2 PC adapter certification listing

PSVR 2 PC adapter certification listing

The certification is from May 27 and shows the adapter bearing the CFI-ZVP1 model number. The official name for the adapter is PlayStation VR2 PC adapter and it is expected to launch soon. Sony has been experiencing low demand for its PSVR 2 as reported earlier this year with stockpiles of unsold inventory forcing it to pause production. The upcoming PC adapter should entice more people to get on board but it remains to be seen how it will be priced.

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