Investigation has been conducted into the turbulent accident on board Flight Number SQ 321 that resulted in the death of one passenger and left many others injured. The flight was traveling between London Heathrow and Changi International Airport in Singapore when the unfortunate incident occurred. It experienced massive air turbulence when it was flying over the Irrawaddy Basin in Myanmar. This had prompted the flight to divert to Bangkok.

What does the investigation reveal?

The Transport Safety Investigation Bureau in its report said, “The vertical acceleration changed from negative 1.5G to positive 1.5G within 4 seconds. This likely resulted in the occupants who were airborne to fall back down”. Further, it added that the rapid changes in G over 4.6 seconds duration resulted in an altitude drop of 178 ft (54m), from 37,362 ft to 37,184ft. This sequence of events likely caused injuries to the crew and passengers. Sudden drop in height
Simply explained what this means is a sudden drop in the height of the flight in a matter of short duration. Flights normally travel in the Stratosphere. This layer of the atmosphere is generally stable and is considered to be safe for traveling. Flights generally travel in this layer of the atmosphere.

The question about this particular flight of the Singapore International Airlines was caused due to turbulence which resulted in a steep fall in altitude of over 178 feet due to gravitational force. This results in objects high up in the air to fall to the ground. It is the force that pulls down objects down to the earth.

Recent news reports have indicated that incidents of air turbulence are expected to increase due to climate change and airlines will have to be prepared to deal with this matter. SQ 321
This turbulence on board this flight claimed the life of 73- yr- old Geoffrey Kitchen who died due to a heart attack caused by this sudden incident. The flight landed in Bangkok and many of the injured passengers are still being treated. This incident occurred on May 21.


1. Is climate change causing air turbulences?
Air turbulence is caused due to various reasons. Climate change is increasing incidents of climate change.

2. Where is the Irrawaddy basin located?
It is located in Myanmar. Further, this is the site where Singapore International Airlines suffered from air turbulence recently.

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