Like its siblings, the Samsung Galaxy M35 failed to impress voters in last week’s poll. Most say that there are better mid-rangers out there, which are more deserving of their money. And that includes the Galaxy A35.

We thought that the larger 6,000mAh battery (1,000mAh above the A35 battery capacity) might give the M-phone a leg up. However, devices like the Galaxy M51 and M62 had 7,000mAh in their tanks, so the M35 is not impressive among its older peers.

Weekly poll results: the large battery couldn't save the Samsung Galaxy M35

Some took issue with the slow 25W charging – that’s as fast as the premium Galaxy S24, though there it only has a 4,000mAh battery to fill. Pricing is a bit of an issue, but it’s mostly the strong competition from other mid-rangers that holds the M35 back.

As mentioned, some are looking at the Galaxy A35. Someone in the comments mentioned the Galaxy M55, which can be a great deal (depending on where you live). And, of course, there were plenty of non-Samsung suggestions too.

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