The Netflix buff chatters on social media are simply not stopping around a Swedish dark thrillerA Nearly Normal Family‘, and there are multiple reasons. Netflix fans are crazy about epic cliffhangers and a constant sense of mystery and thrill, which is not their fault as Netflix has consistently pampered them with such epic content as ‘Dark’, ‘Manifest’, and now, ‘A Nearly Normal Family’.

Why should I watch ‘A Nearly Normal Family’?

But why is a Swedish show so special among the fans all of a sudden? There may be certain reasons that will justify the case as ‘A Nearly Normal Family’ serves you the does of ‘dark secrets’ hidden behind a perfect exterior, which is something fans of thrillers year for. The secrets and theories are hidden so deep around the otherwise lovely environment, it becomes hard to assess what’s really happening and thus, when the truth does befall you, it seems like a mountain has crashed down, giving you the extra dose of ecstasy.

‘A Nearly Normal Family’: Release Date

‘A Nearly Normal Family’ arrived on Netflix back in November 2023, and has been the golden boy of dark thrillers on the streaming platform. Although it does not have a universally strong rating, if you are indeed a fan of miniseries and family dramas with dark secrets, this is the film for you.

In the series, a seemingly perfect family hailing from Sweden consists of a pastor Adam, a lawyer Ulrika, and their 19-year-old daughter Stella. Their family life was going great until Stella was accused of murdering a 32-year-old entrepreneur named Christoffer Olsen. What follows ahead is simply, ‘rush and thrill’, nothing more, nothing less.


1. What is the release date of ‘A Nearly Normal Family’?
‘A Nearly Normal Family’ was released last year in November. It is one of the best dark thrillers weaved around family dramas.

2. Where can I watch ‘A Nearly Normal Family’ online?
A Nearly Normal Family is a Swedish dark thriller drama that has been available on Netflix since November last year and is one of the most loved content in this genre.

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