With Euphoria Season 3 on a perma-hold, the regular cast members are making good use of their time away.

Today, Deadline exclusively reported that Eric Dane will star with Jensen Ackles and Jessica Camacho in the upcoming Prime Video series Countdown.

The series, a thriller, comes from former One Chicago showrunner Derek Haas.

Other Euphoria stars have been extraordinarily prolific in their downtime from Euphoria.

Zendaya, who plays Rue Bennett, has become one of the biggest stars in America thanks to her role on the show and how she uses her time away wisely.

She’s starred in the Dune series and was recently seen in Challengers, which scored at the box office and in fans’ hearts.

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Hunter Schaefer, who plays Jules Vaughn, has starred in four productions and has three in post-production, while hunky Jacob Elordi made waves in 2023’s Saltburn with multiple award nominations and has no fewer than ten other projects in the can or on the way.

Sydney Sweeney, Euphoria’s Cassie Howard, stunned with roles in Reality, Americana, and the surprise Rom-Com Anyone But You, among handfuls of others.

This is to say that seeing your Euphoria favorites, Dane included, take other roles doesn’t help the continuation of the popular HBO teen drama, which is expected to return with a time jump as soon as they can get it written and produced.

Dane starred with Sweeney in Americana, can currently be seen in Bad Boys: Ride or Die and is actively filming Kabul, a TV miniseries.

Dane, who blasted into prominence on Grey’s Anatomy with his role as Dr. Mark Sloan, aka Dr. McSteamy, will star in Countdown as Nathan Blythe, Special Agent in Charge and a bureau veteran of 22 years.

Deadline describes him as: “Military cut, trim, fit, and packing an imposing glare. He’s seen a lot in his days on the job, and he has a passion for fighting for justice.”


That’s not a new look for Dane, who previously starred in the sci-fi adventure The Last Ship for TNT. We know he can do military very well!

Countdown follows a murder that takes place in the light of day, which leads to the recruitment of LAPD officer Mark Meachum (Ackles) to a secret task force with all natures of agents from across the bureaus.

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Those dark and shady bureaus are prolific in entertainment, as they give creators to play with our imaginations outside of established guidelines of the FBI, CIA, etc.

A more sinister plot will arise during the investigation, calling for the team to put aside their department biases and work together to save a city.

It sounds like a superhero series without capes.

Blythe is the task force lead and no stranger to the process, having considered buying off foreign players for a special deal, but it was thwarted.

The task force is his baby, and everyone on it is personally recruited by him.

They play by his rules, and he will push them to the edge to achieve a win.

Haas will serve as executive producer and showrunner for Countdown, which has been greenlit for 13 episodes.

This sounds like a good one, and the cast is truly excellent.

Will you be adding this to your watch list?

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