Newport Beach, CA, June 10, 2024 –(– Fentanyl Solution, a nonprofit organization dedicated to addressing the fentanyl epidemic, is taking proactive steps to tackle the devastating impact of this crisis. With thousands of overdoses occurring in the United States and the loss of countless lives, Fentanyl Solution is committed to education, advocacy, and collaboration with like-minded organizations across the country.

In an effort to combat the fentanyl epidemic, Fentanyl Solution has partnered with LaughMD Recovery.

LaughMD Recovery founder Robert Tisdale shares, “LaughMD Recovery is an Enterprise App that operates on a subscription model, specifically designed for Alcohol and Substance Abuse Treatment Centers, Nursing Homes, Doctor’s Offices, Dialysis Facilities, Hospitals, and Non-Profit organizations. Our utmost priority is to support healthcare providers by approaching mental health and care-giving with compassion and understanding. We provide humor, inspiration, and holistic content, all while aligning with clinical programs, to create a digital transformation opportunity that complies with HIPAA regulations. Our ultimate goal is to enhance the quality of life, particularly in terms of mental health, for all stakeholders involved. We have high hopes that our compassionate innovation can make a difference and potentially save lives.”

“This strategic partnership between Fentanyl Solution and LaughMD Recovery is a perfect match for our shared mission,” says Shane Wood, Executive Director of Fentanyl Solution. “By leveraging LaughMD Recovery’s user-friendly technology, and ethical strategic network, we are able to connect with accredited healthcare providers (specifically Treatment Center Facilities) in every community, empowering them and identifying them as safe places that desire to save lives while engaging with caregivers and families. Which is the ultimate synergy to maintain sobriety and advocate safety within our communities.”

Alena Belyea, Head of Innovation and Commercialization adds, “LaughMD Recovery’s innovative approach allows us to stay connected with healthcare providers and work together to address the fentanyl overdose epidemic that continues to claim the lives of our loved ones simultaneously we’re able to support those that are suffering. Our team at Fentanyl Solution reaches out daily to educate and empower society against the dangers of Fentanyl and through this outreach, we are distributing over 240,000 doses of Naloxone in June, please reach out if you or your recovery center or community are in need of education, Naloxone or Fentanyl Testing strips.”

If you are a healthcare provider, we invite you to join us in our efforts to combat the fentanyl overdose epidemic. Let’s meet, stay connected, and take proactive steps to protect our communities and save lives. Together, we can make a difference.

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Founder and CEO

Shane Wood
Executive Director

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