Charlotte, NC, June 07, 2024 –(– Morgan Rees of Charlotte, North Carolina has been chosen as a Woman of the Month for April 2024 by P.O.W.E.R. (Professional Organization of Women of Excellence Recognized) for her outstanding contributions and achievements in the field of publishing.

About Morgan Rees
Morgan Rees is a project technical analyst in information technology for Atrium Health hospital system in Charlotte. She is also an author, life speaker, and the host of the “Good Morning Black People” a weekly podcast offering empowering, enlightening, and embracing conversations with celebrities, influencers, and spiritual leaders.

In all her endeavors, Rees shares personal stories with trust, humor, and openness, allowing audiences to connect with her and embrace positive change. Morgan describes herself as a survivor, having experienced abuse physical violence, and rape. She credits her ability to overcome these obstacles to her faith.

Rees’ career as a life speaker and author grew organically after she wrote her book “Endurance is Victory” 12 years ago. “After my rape, my crisis counselor suggested that I write a book as a form of healing, my book was published in 2020, which birthed my career as a life speaker and author,” said Rees.

As a life speaker, Rees brings a unique blend of authenticity, vulnerability, and lightheartedness to her presentations. “I share my own personal stories and experiences, allowing my audience to connect with me on a deep and emotional level,” said Rees. “I relate to listeners, creating an atmosphere of trust and openness, enabling individuals to break through their own barriers and embrace positive change.”

In the future, Rees hopes to turn her book into a movie or a series and travel the world sharing her journey of healing, peace, endurance, and victory.

Morgan was born in Brooklyn, New York, and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She is married and has three children, ages 33, 21, & 27, and three grandchildren, ages 10, 9 & 4.

For more information visit: https://twitter.com_morganreesauthr/

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