Aomori, Japan, June 10, 2024 –(– One for All, All in One: Background and Purpose of the Alliance

Established in July 2020, The Digital X is a Japanese digital marketing powerhouse focused on solving the common challenges faced by domestic and international companies seeking global expansion. Specializing in helping local companies venture overseas and concurrently assisting foreign companies break into the Japanese market, the Aomori-based consulting company predominantly provides comprehensive digital marketing and growth marketing support. With a diverse and multi/cultural team rich in international experience and knowledge, The Digital X is dedicated to driving business growth and fulfilling the needs of its clients. Based in Seoul, ConnectWave is a leading South Korean digital marketing firm renowned for its innovative use of shopping big data. Beyond focusing on consumer commerce with services such as price comparison and price subscriptions, ConnectWave offers a robust commerce platform for sellers and operates one of the country’s largest individual import platforms, spearheading significant advancements in the cross-border commerce industry. Through this strategic partnership, The Digital X and ConnectWave aim to support the market entry of Japanese and Korean companies into each other’s territories. The companies will collaborate on inbound and outbound solution proposals, service planning and development, as well as joint market research in both countries. Their mission is to maximize customer satisfaction, enhance profitability, and most importantly, contribute to business growth as a general whole.

Core Services of The Digital X

Global Digital Marketing Support: The Digital X crafts-plus-implements B2B and B2C digital marketing strategies tailored to various countries and regions, maximizing the impact and results of its initiatives.

Cross-Border E-Commerce (EC) Support: Drawing on its hands-on experience and expertise from operating its own e-commerce shop, The Digital X provides end-to-end support – from entering various markets and expanding sales to multilingual e-commerce support, product advertising, and PR.

Global Project Management Support: The Digital X builds project management systems that prioritize diversity, inclusivity, and representation, supporting projects in Japanese, English, and other languages to ensure their success.

For more information about the global digital marketing services provided by The Digital X, visit the company’s blog page on their official website:

Company Overview of The Digital X

Official webpage: Location: 3-3-12-2F, Ekimae, Hirosaki, Aomori Prefecture

Representative: Kazuya Naraoka (CEO)

Main services: Consulting services for global digital marketing, cross-border commerce business

Company Overview of ConnectWave

Official webpage: Location: 17th Floor, 298 Sakura Road, Geumcheon District, Seoul, South Korea

Representative: Kwonsoo Lee (CEO and Representative Executive Officer)

Main services: Consumer commerce, commerce platform business for sellers, cross-border commerce business

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