Naomi Campbell doesn’t play about her privacy, especially when it comes to motherhood. In her 50s, she has welcomed two kids via surrogacy without heavy media attention. In fact, her little ones’ names remain a mystery!

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In a recent interview with ‘The Sunday Times,’ she opened up about enjoying life as a mother of two. She welcomed her daughter at 51 in 2021 and her son at 53 in June 2023, using a surrogate for both pregnancies.

“My babies are everything to me. It’s made me fear for the future,” she said.

Keep scrolling to see what she shared after welcoming each child. Last year, she said it’s “never too late to become a mother.” She said being a mom is “amazing,” insisting that Gen Z women saying they don’t want kids will change their minds.

“I have heard a lot of young girls saying that it is too expensive to have children and they may not want them, and I have said, ‘You will change your mind. You will want to be a mum.’ I understand economically, it is tough. But my mum had nothing, and she made it work,” Naomi said. “It’s worth it. It is so amazing.”

Single Motherhood Is A Lifestyle Naomi Campbell Reportedly Enjoys

Despite dating musicians, actors, and billionaires, per the outlet, Naomi was never looking for a daddy for her children. Single motherhood is a life choice that she openly embraces. Her childhood mirrored that, as she reportedly never met her father and was raised by her mother. Mama Campbell was 17 and a dancer when she gave birth to the now global runway slayer.

Naomi is reportedly happy being “a single mother of a single mum.” Her only focus is a “better world” for her kiddos, which includes showing UP for the milestones.

“I hope for a better world for my children. They are 110 percent my priority. I have to be there for them on their first day at school,” Naomi Campbell said.

Naomi added that she “trusts” her children to “do the right thing” and encourages others to have the same faith in “the younger generation to change the world.”

Outside of motherhood joys, Naomi Campbell is also celebrating a major milestone in her supermodel career. This month (June), she’s being honored with an exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, England.

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