At Apple’s WWDC presentation this year, the company said it was working with Blackmagic Design to make immersive videos for the Vision Pro easier to work with and capture. Turns out Blackmagic is currently developing a camera specifically to capture immersive films for Apple’s mixed-reality headset. The digital cinema company and manufacturer announced the Blackmagic URSA Cine Immersive camera on X/Twitter and made sure to add a few photos to give us a glimpse of what it would look like.

It didn’t share a lot of details about the device other than it’s “designed to capture content for Apple Vision Pro” with 8,160 x 7,200 resolution per eye and “16 stops of dynamic range for 90fps stereoscopic 3D immersive cinema content.” Based on the images Blackmagic attached to its post, users will even be able to strap the camera to a drone for aerial videos.

The company is hoping to release the camera sometime later this year, though it didn’t say how much the device would cost. In the past, Blackmagic released a camera that can shoot in 12K for $9,995, which is much lower than what other comparable models cost. Last year, it unveiled its first full-frame model that can shoot video in 6K for $2,595.

A camera against a white background.A camera against a white background.

Blackmagic Design

Apple showed off the new lens Canon is working on for its R7 camera at WWDC, as well. The 7.8mm f/4 dedicated spatial lens is also meant to capture content for the Apple Vision Pro. While the brand has previously released lenses for virtual reality, it said that none of its current cameras are fast enough to offer video that matches Apple’s headset. Like Blackmagic’s announcement, Canon’s was light on details, though we’ll most likely hear more information the nearer we get to the lens’ release date.

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