Rook, Emmrich, and Harding.

Image: BioWare / Kotaku

While BioWare has yet to publicly show The Veilguard’s character creator, Kotaku saw a glimpse of it at Summer Game Fest, and it has some real depth to it. You can play as four races: Human, Dwarf, Elf, and Qunari, and it will have sliders to change your body type. BioWare confirmed that even if you make your Rook a short king, the team has done work to ensure animations fit any character build. You’ll also be able to pick Rook’s pronouns, as well as their origin based on what faction they come from. This includes the Shadow Dragons, Grey Wardens, Antivan Crows, Lords of Fortune, Mourn Watch, and the Veil Jumpers. Each of these orders has a distinct place in Dragon Age lore and whichever one you pick will affect how some characters interact with you and open up new dialogue options. Like Inquisition, The Veilguard will have four voice options, two with British accents and two with American ones.

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