Chicago, IL, June 12, 2024 –(– Clear Investment Group proudly announces the successful acquisition and transformation of distressed multifamily assets in DeKalb, IL. The restoration of the Terraces at DeKalb apartments marks the company’s commitment to revitalizing communities and enhancing residential workforce housing.

Recognizing the potential of the DeKalb area and its vibrant community, Clear Investment Group strategically acquired several distressed multifamily assets, leveraging its expertise to breathe new life into these properties. Through improved operational management, crime management and extensive remodeling efforts, The Terraces at DeKalb apartments have undergone a considerable transformation, emerging as renewed workforce housing apartments that prioritize safety, comfort, and quality of life for residents.

Under Clear Investment Group’s management, the once-struggling properties have been revitalized and are now in a phase of stabilization and lease-up. The Terraces at DeKalb are now accepting new residents and offering competitive, affordable pricing.

“Our acquisition and transformation of distressed multifamily assets in DeKalb reflect our commitment to building up communities,” said Amy Rubenstein, CEO of Clear Investment Group. “Through strategic management and significant investment in capex improvements, we have successfully revitalized The Terraces at DeKalb, making them safer, more inviting, and ultimately, better places to live, while maintaining affordability.”

Clear Investment Group is committed to managing and reducing crime in and around their properties. Since acquiring the properties in March 2022, Clear Investment Group has implemented several new safety procedures and overseen the installation of security systems throughout the portfolio. These new policies have driven a drastic reduction in the number of calls received by the DeKalb Police Department for this portfolio – a 64% overall drop between 2022 and 2023. This work has further driven a broader reduction in crime across the City of DeKalb.

The partnership between the City of DeKalb and Clear Investment Group grows every year. “The introduction of advanced security systems in consultation with the City’s Police Department has been a critical factor in reducing police calls for service,” explained Bill Nicklas, DeKalb’s city manager. “Another key factor is the ease of communication between company and City personnel on security concerns.”

Clear Investment Group’s acquisition and transformation of The Terraces at DeKalb, highlight its commitment to reimagining communities and setting a new standard for residential workforce living. With a focus on operational excellence, Clear Investment Group is proud to contribute to the ongoing improvement and growth of DeKalb and its surrounding areas.

“We are thrilled to welcome residents to their newly remodeled homes and provide them with a safe, comfortable, and welcoming environment,” added Rubenstein. “Our team is dedicated to ensuring that these properties continue to thrive, fostering a sense of community and creating lasting value for our residents and the DeKalb community as a whole.”

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