Connex2X, LLC, the innovative aftermarket connected vehicle company, and SoundHound AI, Inc., a leader in voice-enabled AI and conversational intelligence technologies, have announced a strategic partnership that will see SoundHound’s advanced Voice AI technology integrated into Connex2X’s groundbreaking connected vehicle products, enhancing the driving experience with seamless voice interactions. 

The integration of SoundHound Voice AI’s technology into the Connex2X product line represents a significant leap forward in the automotive industry, offering drivers of all vehicles a first-of-its-kind Voice AI interface to enhance interactions between the driver, the vehicle and the road, ensuring safer and more enjoyable travel. The Connex2X flagship product, soon to be known for its robust connectivity features, will allow users to control various functions like navigation, green light optimization, vehicle diagnostics and personal concierge assistance through Voice AI commands, making driving safer and more enjoyable. 

“SoundHound’s commitment to revolutionizing voice interaction in the automotive sector aligns perfectly with our vision at Connex2X,” said Nick Porrini, CEO of Connex2X. “By integrating their leading Voice AI into our products, we are setting a new standard for connected vehicle technology.”

With SoundHound’s multilingual voice capabilities, the Connex2X flagship product is poised to become a global phenomenon, appealing to consumers and fleets around the world. This feature ensures that drivers can interact with their Connex2X applications and devices, and their vehicles in their native language, breaking down language barriers and providing a more personalized driving experience. 

The Connex2X product is not just a tool for voice-first, AI-powered communication both in and out of the vehicle but also a comprehensive vehicle management system, featuring: 

Personal Assistant: Providing an AI-powered, voice-first personal assistant to be your driving and life co-pilot. 

Dynamic Navigation: Providing real-time route adjustments to avoid traffic and improve travel time. 

Crash Detection: Ensuring immediate response and assistance in the event of an accident. 

Green Light Optimization and Timing: Reducing idle time at traffic signals for a smoother, more efficient drive. 

Vehicle and Driver Analytics: Offering insights into vehicle performance and driving patterns for better vehicle maintenance and safer driving habits. 

Driver Monetization: Enabling drivers to earn rewards and benefits through various programs. 

Mode Setting for Business and Personal: Allowing easy switching between profiles for different driving purposes. 

“We are thrilled to join forces with Connex2X and integrate our advanced voice AI technology into their products,” stated Darin Clark, Director of Business Development at SoundHound. “Our technology has been specifically developed with automotive in mind. It instantly and seamlessly responds to human voices, even in noisy environments like cars, making it the perfect fit for Connex2X’s connected vehicle products. The multilingual support is a testament to our global reach and commitment to inclusivity.” 

About Connex2X

Connex2X is at the forefront of connected vehicle technology, developing innovative solutions that enhance the driving experience. The company’s flagship product, available later this year, will offer unparalleled connectivity and integration capabilities.

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