Bangalore, India, June 12, 2024 –(– Lanika Solutions and Reactive Systems are pleased to announce V2024 release of Reactis, including updates for all products. The Reactis Tester test-generation engine has been enhanced to create test suites with higher levels of coverage and to flag more coverage targets as unreachable. V2024 also includes a Linux version of the Reactis for Simulink API to facilitate automated Reactis runs. Additionally, the V2024 updates support co-simulation of a TargetLink® model running in Reactis for Simulink and the C code generated from it running in Reactis for C. Clicking on a TargetLink block causes the corresponding C code location to be highlighted and vice versa. You can execute a test suite to simultaneously step through the model and code visualizing coverage details and inspecting variable values.

Improved Static Analysis and Tester Coverage

Static analysis of Simulink® models in Reactis® has been significantly improved, especially in the following areas:

• Tracing signals through Bus Creator and Bus Selector blocks
• Tracing through individual elements of arrays (Mux/Demux blocks)
• Tracing through assignments to local variables in Stateflow® charts
• Tracing through array indexing and record selection in Stateflow charts

These improvements enable Reactis to identify more unreachable targets in a model and to exercise more coverage targets in generated test suites.

Reactis for Simulink API on Linux®

The Reactis for Simulink API is now available on Linux. Currently, only Ubuntu® Linux 22.04 LTS is supported (other Ubuntu versions or Linux distributions may work but have not yet been tested). While the Reactis GUI is not included in this initial release, using the Reactis API on Linux can be very beneficial for automated testing. A Dockerfile is also available to facilitate adding the Reactis for Simulink API to a Docker container in which MATLAB® is already installed.

For more information, see the Reactis V2024 release announcement

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Reactive Systems, founded in 1999, is a software testing and validation company with offices in Cary, NC and Nagoya, Japan. The Company develops the Reactis family of tools that support the test and debug of embedded software applications developed using Simulink®, Stateflow®, and C code.

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