Bangalore, India, June 12, 2024 –(– Breault Research Organization, Inc. (BRO), is pleased to announce the release of ASAP 2023 V1 SP3.

This latest release focuses on licensing support for Windows 11 Pro Editions and continues the infrastructure enhancements and renovations of ASAP 2023 V1.

ASAP 2023 V1 SP3 Update

ASAP 2023 V1 SP3 upgrades current licensing runtime version to the Windows 11 Pro Editions compatible version Sentinel 9.12. Combined with Windows 11 Pro Editions enhanced performance and security capabilities, the Sentinel 9.12 upgrade provides vastly improved performance and security over previous licensing runtimes.

ASAP 2023 V1 marked the starting point of toolset modernization and adoption of a new development process.

ASAP 2023 V1 was compiled using Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 integrated with the Intel oneAPI HPC toolset. This upgrade enabled compilation of BreaultSWD software products, resulting in greater operational compatibility and efficiency with Microsoft Windows 10/11 operating systems.

The BreaultSWD development process is now refined to rapidly address customer issues and inquiries via the Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) methodology. The result? More frequent releases with less impact between major releases.

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