OptiMed provides SPRAVATO® treatment services to Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland area.

OptiMed HealthCare Partners is pleased to announce the opening of its new center in Munster, Indiana. SPRAVATO® is the first FDA-approved nasal spray for treatment-resistant depression (TRD). OptiMed is proud to lead the change in mental health care by expanding this treatment to Munster, IN.

About SPRAVATO® Treatment: SPRAVATO®, also known as esketamine, represents a novel approach to treating TRD, offering new hope to individuals who have not responded to conventional antidepressant medications. SPRAVATO® is a prescription medicine that is used along with an oral antidepressant. It is self-administered under the supervision of a healthcare provider at our certified treatment center to ensure patient safety.

OptiMed HealthCare Partners’ Commitment: OptiMed HealthCare Partners is committed to enhancing the mental health and well-being of our communities. By introducing SPRAVATO® treatment services, we are addressing the needs of individuals facing treatment-resistant depression and providing an effective, evidence-based solution. In a short-term clinical study, adults with TRD who took SPRAVATO® experienced a greater reduction of depression symptoms at four weeks.

“My primary goal is to help remove barriers to treatment. I bring passion and dedication to helping an underserved community and helping patients struggling with mental health conditions.” 

-Michael J Lane DNP, MSN, PMHNP-BC, APRN

SPRAVATO® Treatment facts: 

  • Most of the reduction in depressive symptoms was seen at 24 hours after taking SPRAVATO®.
  • Over 30,000 patients in the US have received treatment with SPRAVATO®.
  • You could pay as little as $10 for your SPRAVATO® medication with the SPRAVATO® withMe Savings Program.

How to Access SPRAVATO® Treatment at OptiMed: Individuals interested in SPRAVATO® treatment at OptiMed HealthCare Partners can fill out a Request a Consultation and contact our team by calling (877) 232-2857 or email us at info@optimedhp.com. Our staff is available to answer questions, provide additional information, and assist with appointment scheduling. For provider referral forms, please visit www.optimedhp.com/spravato to download the form.

OptiMed is excited about the positive impact of SPRAVATO® treatment on the lives of individuals struggling with treatment-resistant depression. We look forward to being a trusted partner in their mental health journey.

About OptiMed HealthCare Partners: OptiMed HealthCare Partners, headquartered in Kalamazoo, Michigan, is an independently owned and operated national healthcare organization. For over 30 years, OptiMed has leveraged personalized attention to detail to deliver customized solutions that optimize patient outcomes while partnering with other healthcare organizations to usher in a new standard of excellence. To learn more about OptiMed’s innovative and personalized care, visit www.optimedhp.com or email info@optimedhp.com.

Source: OptiMed HealthCare Partners

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