Donald Glover recently collaborated with Jordan ‘The Stallion’ to create a TikTok video that has since gone viral.

Although the actor and influencer are of different heights, seeing the two together still has social media, saying, “Hey, twin!”

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Donald Glover & Jordan Howlett Collab For A TikTok Video

Jordan Howlett is a popular TikTok creator with over 12 million followers. He is known for detailing the recipes of some of the top restaurants’ most beloved dishes. In his latest video, Donald Glover, aka Childish Gambino, made a special appearance. The video began with the ‘Atlanta’ star saying, “Look I’ve been hearing a lot about me and Jordan looking alike.” He continued, “I understand it. We’re both very handsome people. Maybe one of us is more handsome than the other but it’s a really….” The 27-year-old then interrupts. Jordan asks if anyone has seen his phone as he walks into the bathroom, finding Glover holding his device. “No,” Jordan says. “Okay, I’m not doing this,” he continues. The content creator explains that everyone knows that he wears “eggshell and black on Saturdays.’  Donald is wearing a nearly identical outfit, including black-framed glasses.

Howlett states that Gambino can’t dress like him because he’s trying to establish a name for himself, and people already “mistake [him] for the Method Man.” Jordan previously filmed a video with the ‘Powerbook II: Ghost’ star and stated that everyone assumes that they are related. The two are also rockin’ similar ‘fits as Meth calls Howlett “a more stressed out” version of himself. 


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Glover and Jordan argue back and forth about the lyricist’s outfit choices. Donald then states that he is also frustrated that people mistake him for TikToker, asking him for crazy recipes. Jordan advises the actor to learn how to cook, and the video ends with the men arguing.

Social Media Weighs In On Donald Glover & Jordan Howlett’s Collaboration

Roomies under The Shade Room’s Instagram report commented on the link up.

@Mikayla.evette wrote, “Grownish Gambino” with laughing emojis.

@evrythingcourt said, “Wait cause I thought he was Jordan until Jordan came in LMFAO.”

“How he look like both Donald & Meth but Donald & Meth look nothing alike?” @ronicaronica asked.

@jamzuniterruped said, “Method Man, Jordan, and Donald need a video.”

Check out the doppelgängers’ collaboration video below:

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What Do You Think Roomies?

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