Manhasset, NY, July 03, 2024 –(– P.O.W.E.R. (Professional Organization of Women of Excellence Recognized), a selective national networking organization committed to recognizing and supporting the achievements of women, announces its newest Women of Empowerment members. These accomplished women have made remarkable contributions in their respective industries and exemplify the mission and values of P.O.W.E.R.

The newest Women of Empowerment members include:

Adrian Agulto–Information Technology/IT
Aileen Regina Stewart–Recreational Services
Amanda Bunnell–Financial Services
Amber Morrow–Real Estate
Amy Shannon–Publishing
Angela V. Harris–Coaching
Angelenna Yvette Hare–Logistics/Procurement
Angelique M. Rivera–Beauty/Cosmetics
Anna Brown Ehlers–Creative Art
Annette Jones–Education
Belinda Squires–Cleaning Service
Beth Caldwell–Coaching
Betsi Smith–Law/Legal Services
Blanka Prusova-White–Real Estate
Brandi Slaughter–Massage Therapy
Brenda G. Rasheed–Education
Carmond J. Taylor–Nutrition/Wellness
Carolann Brockman–Accounting
Cassandra Clitus–Real Estate
Cathy A. Roberts–Real Estate
Cheri Christensen–Fine Art
Cherlyn Oliver Gresham–Government
Cindy Maiella–Financial Services
Coralie Huges Jensen–Publishing
Dana Cahill–Health/Fitness
Dana Kismetova Ruusinen–Financial Services
Darlene Donovan–Healthcare
Darlyn White–Healthcare
DeAsia A. Byrd–Consulting
Dominique Carson–Publishing
Donna S. Barriteau–Non-Profit/Volunteering
Doris O. Iheagwam–Social Services
Dorothy Winningham–Health/Fitness
E. Faye Williams–Civic/Social Organization
Emily E. Boucher–Advertising/Marketing
Felecia Burton–Mental Health Care
Fleeta Caro–Healthcare
Folashade Abiola-Banjac–Law/Legal Services
Franka Arcangeli–Mental Health Care
Gail E. Marvin–Esthetics
Heather K. Lechner–Education
Heaven Britton–Consulting
Helen M. King–Equestrian
Jami Turner–Travel
Jamie Pinske–Healthcare
Janet Gadbois–Logistics/Procurement
Janine Booth–Logistics/Procurement
Jeana Wertz–Government
Jeanna Fox–Advertising/Marketing
Jeannette H. Austin–Genealogy
Jenna Mae Begley–Healthcare
Jennifer Helms–Maritime
Jessica Pace-Berkeley–Fine Art
Jessica A. Oltman–Alternative Medicine
Joan Kaliff–Publishing
Johnnie Mae Scott–Ministry
Jolie Swanson–Accounting
JoyAnne O’Donnell–Publishing
Juanita Pearson–Childcare
Judy S. Morales–Social Services
Kamero C. Hurst–Mental Health Care
Kara Onorato–Healthcare
Karen Elise Wormack–Publishing
Karie Carlson–Real Estate
Kathleen A. Warwick–Massage Therapy
Kendra J. Jones–Consulting
Khrista Cowart–Photography
Kim Crickard–Fine Art
Kim Groshek–Life Coaching
Kimberly J. Jessup–Publishing
Kimberly M. Cloud–Broadcasting
La Sandra Renee Brown-Nelson–Government
Laura Kinney–Education
Laura Massey–Healthcare
Laura R. Bistok–Law/Legal Services
Lawanda Miller–Religion
Leann N. Wilk–Healthcare
Linda Lopipero–Security
Linda A. McDowell–Coaching
Linda B. Sherrell–Education
Linda M. Garris-Bright–Healthcare
Lisa Ekstrom–Real Estate
Lois E. Lund–Publishing
Loraine Brady–Publishing
Loretha O. Knapp–Education
Lorraine Zapata–Education
Lucy Amundson–Education
Lydia Santibañez–Ministry
Lynette D. Jones–Esthetics
Majestic Dismute–Government
Mandy L. Fair–Retail Industry
Maria Alston–Publishing
Maria Richards–Beauty/Cosmetics
Maria K. Gay–Non-Profit/Volunteering
Marilyn Miller–Consulting
Martha McKee–Law/Legal Services
Megan Haynes–Mental Health Care
Mesale Solomon–Human Resources/HR
Michelle Dantz–Publishing
Myia C. Ellington–Childcare
Nanette L. Mosely–Cleaning Service
Natasha Elliott–Coaching
Ndaitavela Lister–Health Services
Nedra J. Moran–Healthcare
Nova N. Walton-Marriott–Education
Pamela Byk–Financial Services
Patricia J. Merrill–Mental Health Care
Paulette B. Parker–Education
Pennie Brantley–Fine Art
Rachel Stuckey–Advertising/Marketing
Rebecca Finch–Journalism
Rene A. Artman–Government
Renee Pulliam–Travel
Rhodora B. Lacap–Health Services
Richeena Hardwick–Fine Art
Robin Snead–Healthcare
Ronesheia Walker Ebe–Mental Health Care
Sandra Strength–Entertainment
Sandra K. Jordan–Education
Sarah Choudhary–Information Technology/IT
Sarah Estrada–Beauty/Cosmetics
Shannon A. Carnegie–Beauty/Cosmetics
Sharon Mosby–Art
Sharon Samuels Reed–Education
Sharonda Walker–Retail Industry
Sierra K. Mustaqeem–Life Coaching
Stacy Brecht–Business
Susan Spates–Education
Suzy C. Herring–Transportation
Tara Marie Ernest–Manufacturing
Teisha A. Reid–Beauty/Cosmetics
Terran Mitchell–Education
Thuy Rosa Nguyen–Beauty/Cosmetics
Tina Marie Davis–Hospitality
Tiona D. Harris–Education
Trine R. Raya–Education
Vanesa S. Semler–Animal Care
Vanessa Morgan–Advertising/Marketing
Vanessa Williams–Technology
Victoria Kendrick–Financial Services
Victoria Strickland–Consulting
Victoria A. Zambrano–Healthcare
Vidhya Sundaram–Financial Services
Vikki L. Sherman–Construction/Building
Vivi Muchila–Accounting
Walena Gaspard–Ministry
Wanda Carter Roush–Publishing
Wanda E. Germer–Construction/Building
Wanda L. Edwards–Beauty/Cosmetics
Yadira Leal Faherty–Government
Yolanta Sagan Smith–Healthcare
Yvonne Lane–Travel

As a prestigious organization dedicated to empowering women across various professions, P.O.W.E.R. provides a powerful network where members can mentor, inspire, and empower each other to reach their full potential. Through their valuable services and collaborations with like-minded professionals, P.O.W.E.R. offers its members opportunities for recognition, exposure, and knowledge sharing with successful individuals in their fields.

Members can connect with women from all professions, participate in networking events, and build successful business contacts and lasting friendships. The organization is led by Tonia DeCosimo, an entrepreneur, business strategist, and ultimate connector who is passionate about women’s empowerment. P.O.W.E.R. also publishes a digital and exclusive print magazine featuring both celebrities and everyday hardworking professional women. The magazine showcases the stories and achievements of its members, providing inspiration and insights to readers.

If you are a woman who has made significant achievements in your profession and community, or know someone who has, you may qualify to join the prestigious P.O.W.E.R. community. Membership provides access to a strong network of women, opportunities for recognition, and resources for personal and professional growth. Learn more about P.O.W.E.R. by visiting their website at

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