Keke Wyatt has shared a few words amid confirming her divorce from her third husband, Zackariah Darring.

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Keke Wyatt Confirms Her Divorce From Zackariah Darring With A Few Words

Over the weekend, Wyatt exclusively spoke with The Shade Room and spilled some tea while confirming her marital status. The singer revealed that a judge has officially signed off on her and Darring’s divorce.

Additionally, Wyatt explained that she’s “happy to be free.”

“I am divorced and soooo HAPPY to be FREE from that bondage and abuse!!!” Wyatt told Jade Whiteside of The Shade Room.

Social Media Weighs In

Social media users stepped into The Shade Room’s comment section to react to Wyatt’s divorce confirmation.

Instagram user @bosslady_kai wrote, 11 kids & 4 husbands later we need you to calm down sis”

While Instagram user @tishorkim_729 added,  Keke baby at some point, you need to acknowledge the role you play in your own suffering. And until you bold enough to face off with yourself, you’ll meet the same demon in a different body. #Heal#LoveYOUfirst🫶🏾”

Instagram user @bvngs wrote, Girl … youuuu better lay low *in whitney voice *”

While Instagram user @ashmarie1983 added, The next generation will be Kardashians, Cannons and Wyatts.”

Instagram user @jbsayzwhat wrote, I want Keke to be single for like five years get to know you sis”

While Instagram user @dawnynicole added, … she may have kids but she DON’T have friends… cause SOMEBODY needs to tell her.”

Instagram user @_thats.brookes.alexandria_ wrote, One thing she’s def gonna do … sing down, have a baby and leave a man 😮‍💨”

While Instagram user @micthagem_ added, I remember the good ole days when we didn’t know ppl business unless they lived in our house 😩”

The Singer Previously Hinted At Her Divorce Amid Being Spotted With A New Man

As The Shade Room previously reported, Wyatt and Darring tied the knot in 2018. Then, in November 2019, Wyatt revealed that she and Darring were expecting their first child together — her tenth at that time, per The Shade Room.

Then, in February of 2022, Wyatt and Daring revealed that they were expecting their second child together, per The Shade Room.

However, earlier this year, in June, Wyatt threw fans for a loop when she was spotted bowling with a mystery man, per The Shade Room. In the footage, the mystery man appeared to get a lil’ handsy with the singer and caressed her back while also giving her pointers on her shot.

In the weeks that followed, the identity of Wyatt’s mystery man was revealed due to a post shared by the singer via Instagram. The man was identified as Anthony Whitehead. Whitehead is reportedly the brother of Sierra Gate’s ex, Eric.

Shortly after her post, Wyatt took to Instagram Live and appeared to hint at her and Darring’s split, per The Shade Room.

“Where’s my husband? Well, I don’t have a husband. Boom, how about that,” Wyatt reportedly told fans before later saying. “Let him choke your a**.”

Additionally, Wyatt shared that she’s “just having fun.” However, she didn’t spill the tea on when she and Whitehead began dating or when her divorce was officially initiated.

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