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Overwatch 2’s latest collaboration gives four of its heroes skins based on Transformers. It started with a comic that seems to actually canonize the robots in disguise within Blizzard’s universe, rather than simply letting its characters “cosplay” something from a different property as it did with One Punch Man and Cowboy Bebop. And while I’m growing weary of Blizzard seemingly investing more time and energy in these collaborations than it is in expanding upon Overwatch 2’s own lore, the studio has also released an animated teaser trailer for the crossover that is so slick, I couldn’t help but be won over.

The trailer shows Bastion, Ramattra, Reinhardt, and Illari all dressed up like different Transformers characters. Bastion is shown sporting Bumblebee’s signature yellow, Reinhardt swings his hammer as Optimus Prime, Illari takes flight as Arcee, and Ramattra puts his own transformative capabilities to work as Megatron. The animated trailer doesn’t really have any plot to it, but it’s action-packed and beautifully animated. It also has a nifty new arrangement of the Transformers theme. Kinda just makes me wish once again that Blizzard would dump all that money and talent into an Overwatch animated series. Come on, y’all. If you’re reportedly canceling the story missions in Overwatch 2, telling that story in an animated series would be the next best thing. Yeah, you’ve done your online shorts, but think bigger.

Check out the full teaser below:

Blizzard Entertainment

Unfortunately, the video doesn’t show these skins in-game. But at the very least, Overwatch 2 players know who is getting something new when the Transformers collaboration launches tomorrow on July 9.

Overwatch 2 is in the midst of its eleventh season, and the whole theme seems to be poking at millennial nostalgia, featuring not only the Transformers collaboration but also an homage to Power Rangers via the seasonal event and mythic skin. While that’s all well and good, the game still has some lingering issues with balance that players are having trouble with. Tanks are having trouble across the role, but Blizzard says it will be making adjustments to those heroes in a future update.


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