Roommates, if you’re familiar with Rick Ross’ ex-wife, Tia Kemp, then you know she can put on a SHOW! But her latest viral moment has nothing to do with her usual Rozay trolling. On a debut episode of ‘Aunt-Tea,’ Kemp popped that peach on The Game as they discussed lap dances.

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Tia Kemp Grinds On The Game

The clip was part of the promo for the now-available episode. Kemp is one of three hosts on the show, along with Blueface’s mom, Karlissa Saffold, and Tokyo ToniThe women hosted Game as their first guest, and he is also known for his spicy interviews.

This time, though, Tia Kemp sprinkled some of her seasonings on HIM. Tokyo kicked off the energy, asking the rapper how much he’d pay to give Tia a lap dance. 

“Pay? Tia would let me give her a lap dance, and she would give me one back. I don’t for nothing,” The Game said.

Without saying a word, she flashed him a smile, flicked her tongue, got up, and handled her business on set! The Game let her know that her “attitude” is what’s most attractive about her! 

Peep the NSFW podcast scene below.

The Game’s History With Rick Ross

While there are a few trending moments from the recent debut, Tia’s lil’ one-two had the innanet gagged. The most obvious reason has to do with Rick Ross and The Game’s shaky history and public shots, especially as they traded diss tracks in May!

That beef was bubbling publicly as Drake and Kendrick Lamar dominated headlines and viral moments with theirs. K. Dot recently cracked the internet with the release of the ‘Not Like Us’ music video, but he was also trending days after Juneteeth for his concert on the holiday.

The Game was one of the rappers who spoke out about his absence at the Los Angeles Black culture moment.

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