Sabrina Claudio and Tyga have their fans wondering whether they’re dating or future collaborators! The entertainers debuted some cozy swimsuit photos on their social media.

But they kept the intention of the post a mystery, as there was no caption! The Instagram carousel included three photos. Sabrina wore a two-piece, while Tyga rocked an ombre-design tee.

In the first photo, Sabrina looked at the camera with her head snuggled into Tyga’s neck and shoulder. His hand is placed on his lower back, and his slight smile is visible despite him looking at the ground. The last photo shows Sabrina with her hands around his neck.

See the vibes below and keep scrolling for reactions from fans. 

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“What’s Going On?” Is The Question Sabrina Claudio & Tyga Fans Are Asking

Over 4,000 comments under the collab post questioned whether this was a soft relationship launch or PR for an upcoming track.

@dariuslovehall wrote, “Please let this just be a track because what.” 

@bebecorallo added, “Sabrina what are you doing here.” 

“This better be a gahdamn song,” @asabaey wrote.

Meanwhile, @beezytrujillo defended Tyga against any trolls, writing, “There ain’t nothing wrong with him y’all tripping.” 

IG user @dreamsarereality was confident the pictures were a promo. “I’m glad this is just for a music video,” their comment said.

There is no known romantic history, sightings, or rumblings about Sabrina Claudio and Tyga at this time. However, some comments pointed out that Tyga might have a type after seeing some resemblance between the singer and rapper’s ex-girlfriend, Kylie Jenner.

Speaking about types, Trey Songz recently claimed that he scrapped a collaboration with the West Coast rapper due to its lack of Black female models.

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