Theralogix is proud to announce that TheraNatal® Complete has been featured in The Bump’s latest article, “The Best Prenatal Vitamins, Tested by a Mom-to-Be.” The article highlights TheraNatal Complete as the overall best prenatal, highlighting its exceptional formulation and multitude of benefits for expectant mothers. The Bump – from the creators of The Knot – is a premier online resource for expert parenting advice and content on fertility, pregnancy and babies.

TheraNatal Complete is formulated with 25 essential nutrients including folate, iron, omega-3 fatty acids, and more. Out of all the products tested and reviewed by The Bump, TheraNatal Complete scored the highest in its ingredient makeup, providing all of the recommended vitamins and minerals for a healthy pregnancy. Another stand-out feature was the convenience of the pre-packaged daily doses – everything baby and mom need in three pills.

Theralogix is a trusted leader in the fertility supplements space. With a full line of reproductive health supplements including Conception XR, OvaVite, NeoQ10, and more – Theralogix provides unmatched support for both men and women’s fertility, prentatal, lactation, and beyond. 

TheraNatal Complete’s recognition by The Bump reinforces its standing as a preferred choice among healthcare providers and expectant mothers alike. 

About Theralogix: Theralogix raises the bar when it comes to premium, research-backed nutritional supplements. Every product is independently certified by NSF® International for content accuracy and freedom from contaminants. Theralogix has been a top physician-recommended brand for over two decades. For more information about TheraNatal Complete and other Theralogix products, visit

About TheraNatal Complete: TheraNatal Complete is a comprehensive prenatal vitamin formulated with essential nutrients to both nourish mom’s health and support the baby’s growth. It contains key nutrients including vitamin D3, iodine, and iron, methylated folate, choline, and DHA. It also features molecularly distilled omega-3 fish oil for optimal freshness and taste. Like all of Theralogix’s products, TheraNatal Complete  is tested and certified by NSF® International, which means the amount listed on the label is accurate and there are no harmful contaminants.

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