Free-to-play tactical shooter Rogue Company has disabled all cosmetics themed around Guy “Dr Disrespect” Beahm in the game following the streamer’s admission that he was banned from Twitch back in 2020 for having “inappropriate” conversations with a minor. Players will get refunds but only in the form of Rogue Bucks, the premium in-game currency for the shooter that hasn’t been updated in years.

Remaining players began to notice last week that the controversial streamer’s skins had been disabled in-game. “hey, @RogueCompany appreciate yall taking away the ability to use my @DrDisrespect skin that was $40 that I paid for,” one wrote on Twitter. “no excuses or reasons to revoke access to something I paid for.” The set was added back in October 2020, shortly after Beahm’s now infamous Twitch ban, and included a skin for Rogue Company’s Dallas character for $20 and a bundle of accessories for another $20.

Publisher Hi-Rez didn’t respond until July 7 when it issued a statement confirming players would get refunds in the coming days, though only in in-game currency. “Hey Rogue Company, we have disabled Dr. Disrespect content previously available on game,” the company tweeted. “We will provide full Rogue Buck refunds to any impacted account this week.”

The Rogue Company skins were one of several Dr Disrespect collaborations that companies have formally distanced themselves from in recent weeks after Beahm’s “sexting” allegations spread online. The streamer’s in-game appearance in NBA2K24 was also pulled, and former sponsor Turtle Beach erased Beahm and its Dr Disrespect-themed gaming headset from its website.

While Beahm used to stream Rogue Company, he hasn’t touched it in years, nor have many others. Hi-Rez announced last year it was pulling everyone off the game, as well as its hero shooter Paladins, to focus almost exclusively on its popular MOBA Smite and its sequel, expected later this year. Rogue Company hasn’t received new content since 2022, and its concurrent player count on Steam has dwindled into the low hundreds in recent months.

That will make the new refunds all but meaningless to any players who had previously purchased the Dr Disrespect pack. “Lol you guys are wild,” reads one recent negative Steam review trashing the move, though it’s clear some players are just as angry that the skins were disabled for them in the first place. “This sucks I only played the game for the doc skin,” tweeted one fan.

Beahm is currently on hiatus from streaming after putting out a statement in which he said messaging a minor was “stupid” but that he’s “no fucking predator or pedophile.” Even if he returns, it’s unclear where he’ll go now that YouTube has demonetized his entire 4 million subscriber channel.


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