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Jul 9, 2024 13:15 EDT

Great for cooking and barbecuing, the Pulse combines long-range S1G technology with Bluetooth for unparalleled connectivity. Combining an internal meat probe and an ambient temperature sensor in one device, the Pulse allows remote tracking of cooks easily from a mobile phone via the FireBoard Cloud.

Pulse and Charger

FireBoard Labs, a leader in smart temperature control technology, today announced the upcoming launch of its latest innovation: the FireBoard Pulse. This advanced wireless temperature probe sets a new standard for precision and connectivity in outdoor cooking and food temperature monitoring.

The FireBoard Pulse is the world’s first dual-band wireless probe, offering both long-range communication with FireBoard devices using Sub-1GHz (S1G) technology and Bluetooth connectivity to smartphones. For backyard barbecue enthusiasts, this means unparalleled flexibility and reliability. The S1G technology allows the probe to maintain a strong connection even when the grill lid is closed or when monitoring from inside the house, ensuring you never lose track of your cook. 

For those using Yoder pellet grills with integrated FireBoard technology, the Pulse probe will easily pair via Bluetooth with a simple OTA update.

Key features of the FireBoard Pulse include:

  • Dual temperature sensing: An internal sensor near the tip for meat temperatures and an external sensor for surface or ambient temperatures
  • Versatile connectivity: S1G communication with FireBoard 2 devices for extended range and Bluetooth connectivity to smartphones for convenient monitoring
  • Cloud integration: Seamless compatibility with all FireBoard cloud-connected devices
  • Innovative charging system: Magnetic stacking chargers with single-point USB-C power connection
  • Durable construction: Primarily stainless steel body with a ceramic Zirconia end, designed for high-temperature resistance and easy cleaning
  • Precision-engineered chisel tip: Minimizes insertion marks in meat

“The FireBoard Pulse represents a significant leap forward in wireless temperature monitoring,” said Ted Conrad, CEO of FireBoard Labs. “Building the probe with low-frequency S1G technology was an obvious next step, building off the momentum from our Beacon, the long-range wireless sensor we launched in 2022.”

The FireBoard Pulse will start shipping mid-to-late August 2024, with existing FireBoard customers having first priority as supplies are limited initially. Invitations for pre-orders will be phased out over the next several months.

About FireBoard Labs: FireBoard Labs is dedicated to developing innovative solutions for temperature monitoring and control in cooking and food safety applications. With a focus on cloud connectivity and user-friendly design, FireBoard Labs continues to push the boundaries of smart cooking technology.

For more information, visit, email at, or call (816) 945-2232.

Source: FireBoard Labs

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