Band teases video for “anvil-smashing anthem” from upcoming album Chasing The Rat

Weird alt-rock wizards UVWAYS is today releasing the teaser video for their forthcoming single “Locust.” The full video will be available on July 15. “Locust” is one of 11 tracks that will be featured on their new album Chasing The Rat with SPLITTER RECORDS on September 27 –  available now for pre-order at



UVWAYS is Robby Staebler on drums (formerly of All Them Witches), Elad Shapiro on bass, pro-skateboarder Evan Smith on vocals and Allan Van Cleave (ATW) on keys. Their sound – hailed by Revolver Magazine as “cosmic journeying” – blends alternative rock with hip-hop beats and meditative melodies to create an ambient, atmospheric and wildly unique listener experience. 

Their latest single “Locust” is an industrial anvil-smashing anthem with a nod to Pink Floyd’s “The Dark Side of The Moon.” Featuring breathtaking vocals from Ghost keyboardist Mad Gallica, the cryptic song runs through a heavily processed drum track with an eerie violin component courtesy of Allan Van Cleave, also featured on keys. 

Robby Staebler announced his departure from All Them Witches earlier this year in a statement on Instagram: “The world is a vampire. Stay awake.” Robby has since turned his full attention to making music with UVWAYS. Evan Smith explains “Locust”‘s dark mood: “Open the sky and let the sun do its job. Hide the truth in a bees nest and it’ll never get out. When locusts rise, a famine will destroy the population.”  

“The diversity on this album is exciting. You can hear hints of our influences including Pink Floyd, The Prodigy, Cypress Hill, Jane’s Addiction, and Nine Inch Nails.” -Staebler 

Twelve seasons of recording from East to West made Chasing The Rat meditative, trance-like and pumped full of texture. Fleeting states of consciousness and loose ideas forged a tight groovy album that oozes different colors.  

UVWAYS released the album Moses Lynx in 2020. Revolver Magazine debuted the music video for “OP1” that November — All Them Witches Side Project With Pro Skater Evan Smith: See UVWAYS’ Trippy New “OP1” Video.


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