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Jul 9, 2024 09:00 PDT

GUNMACHAN Celebrates Launch of “Anime GUNMACHAN Season 2” on Crunchyroll with Fans from Around the Globe in LA

GUNMACHAN performed at the stage

GUNMACHAN made a triumphant return to Anime Expo 2024, one of North America’s largest anime conventions, held from July 4-7, following its successful debut last year. To mark the debut of “Anime GUNMACHAN Season 2” on Crunchyroll on June 25th, GUNMACHAN warmly welcomed anime enthusiasts from across the world in LA and performed on stage, showcasing the new anime season and the allure of Gunma Prefecture.

As the beloved mascot of Gunma Prefecture and its Director General of Promotion, GUNMACHAN aims to introduce the charm of Gunma Prefecture to audiences across Japan and globally. At the expo, GUNMACHAN promoted the region’s traditional crafts such as Daruma and Kokeshi, breathtaking nature, invigorating hot springs, and more at its booth. GUNMACHAN also delighted the audience with a dance showdown, one of its signature talents guaranteed to bring smiles to all.

“Anime GUNMACHAN” Season 2 premiered on Crunchyroll, an American subscription video-on-demand over-the-top streaming service owned by Sony Group Corporation. Set in the whimsical world of “hiragana Gunma,” the series features a diverse cast of characters living joyously in their own unique ways. It’s a family-friendly production created around the themes of “consideration” and “challenge,” appealing to viewers of all ages.

During its stay, GUNMACHAN explored the vibrant city of LA, sharing its experiences through social media to introduce the city to its Japanese audience and create lasting memories. With a strong fan base in Japan, boasting over 50,000 followers on X (Twitter) and more than 44,000 on Instagram, GUNMACHAN plans to share photographs captured during its LA adventures soon on social media.

Source: Gunma Prefecture Government, Japan

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