Sam’s game plan involved standard meet-cute fare, approaching his potential bride by telling her that he was “better now that I get to see you” and calling his sweet line a bit of “Southern charm.”

Then he asked Jenn to picture her life 50 years in the future “waking up on a Saturday morning to me cooking breakfast” and proffering tipples for her beloved shot o’clock tradition. 

Single just a year since breaking off an engagement with a woman he’d known since middle school (she cheated, he said “and there was just no repairing that relationship”), the self-described “total softie” has already been on quite the ride. 

“I was in a motorcycle accident, one that should have killed me,” he revealed during The Bachelorette season 21 premiere, “and I walked away without a scratch, so any opportunity that I get, I’m taking it head on.” 

That includes starting his journey with Jenn. 

“My dream is to find a girl that I could raise a family with,” he explained of signing on to the series for the right reasons.

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