Comprehensive online evaluation and dynamic questionnaire backed by clinical psychologists enable accurate mental health diagnosis and treatment.

Mentavi Health has launched a new chapter in the pioneering telehealth company’s history with a major expansion of its online mental health assessment. The innovations enable the diagnosis of a broader spectrum of mental health conditions and refine features that demonstrate Mentavi’s ongoing commitment to providing accessible, evidence-based mental health care for all.

Mentavi’s expanded online diagnostic evaluation begins with a sophisticated, dynamic questionnaire that is grounded in leading clinical frameworks. Mentavi Health psychologists analyze submitted, dynamic questionnaires to determine a diagnosis and make treatment recommendations. If medical treatment is warranted, the patient meets with an independent clinician, aided by the psychologist’s diagnosis and report. This approach has been embraced by referring primary care physician offices nationwide.

The online evaluation diagnoses a broad array of mental health conditions, supported by additional screeners for disorders that may not require a specific diagnosis. That includes conditions such as anxiety, depression, ADHD, PTSD, OCD, bipolar disorder, binge eating disorder, and potential for substance abuse and self-harm.

“We know that mental health conditions often co-occur,” said Barry Herman, MD, MMM, Mentavi’s chief medical officer. “This approach allows us to take a look at a broader range of mental health challenges a patient may be facing and to individually tailor specific treatment recommendations.”

Mentavi Health’s roots trace to the 2018 creation of ADHD Online, which was founded to address the lengthy waits (typically six to eight months) and high costs (often thousands of dollars) that individuals and families faced when seeking an assessment for ADHD.  

With the innovation of conducting the traditional in-depth clinical interview asynchronously, ADHD Online made an ADHD diagnosis more accessible and affordable without sacrificing clinical quality. The company also differentiated itself in its patient-centered, patient-safety-focused journey.

However, the company quickly realized the need to expand its online mental health testing beyond ADHD assessment and care.   

More than two-thirds of people with ADHD have at least one additional coexisting condition. According to the National Institute for Health, more than one in five adults experience a mental health disorder at some time, and almost one in five children have a diagnosed mental, behavioral, or developmental disorder. But more than 50% of those adults went untreated, and only 20% of the children received a diagnosis or treatment from a mental health professional.

That led ADHD Online to expand its slate of assessment and treatment services, which is reflected in the decision to become Mentavi Health in 2023.

“We recognize the need across a range of mental health disorders for enhanced diagnosis and treatment paths,” said Mentavi Health CEO Keith Brophy. “We are proud that our nationwide approach removes barriers to access, provides a consistent, comprehensive approach to viewing mental health, sets a bar for patient safety in telehealth journeys, and helps remove implicit bias.”

With the new diagnostic evaluation tool, Mentavi’s clinical team has also improved the user experience to reflect the organization’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. The team has modified assessment wording to reflect a broader spectrum of racial/ethnic, sexual identity, gender identity, and educational experiences. Mentavi has also customized the assessment to evaluate both children ages 6 to 12 and adolescents ages 13 to 17.

In coordination with the expanded evaluation, Mentavi also has reformatted its clinical reports to make them more comprehensive and in-depth, providing patients and healthcare professionals with deeper insights into mental health conditions and experiences  

Mentavi’s leadership believes that expanding its diagnostic approach and improving its assessment and reporting processes will increase access to affordable mental health care and improve patient outcomes.

Building a healthier community is at the heart of our mission,” Brophy said. “We are committed to ensuring that every individual has access to the high-quality mental health care they need, and this initiative empowers Mentavi to deliver on that commitment.”   

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About Mentavi Health and ADHD Online    
Established as ADHD Online in 2018, Mentavi Health has evolved to encompass a broader range of mental health services. With the mission to make quality ADHD assessments accessible to all, Mentavi has grown to address not only ADHD but also adjacent mental health conditions. The nationwide Mentavi Smart Assessment and various treatment options showcase the company’s commitment to comprehensive, accessible, compliant online mental health care.

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