Welcome to your first look at the upcoming OnePlus Nord 4. We’ve just received the phone for review but we are only allowed to show you a few photos ahead of the announcement and we can’t share any of the key specs either.

OnePlus encased the Nord 4 in a metal unibody with a small glass window at the back to house the cameras and allow for the various connectivity points of the phone to function.

OnePlus Nord 4 in for review

Ours is the Mercurial Silver unit and there will be a black Obsidian Midnight. It’s a lovely design with a focus on quality, fit, and finish.

The phone’s metal sides are lightly brushed and feel of high quality.

OnePlus Nord 4 in for review

There are two cameras on the rear. There’s an alert slider on the left side of the phone, in keeping with OnePlus tradition. There’s also an IR blaster at the top.

We’ll be able to bring you more with the OnePlus Nord 4 in a few weeks so stay tuned!

OnePlus Nord 4 in for review

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