Pogues for life!

But how long will we spend with John B and our favorite treasure-hunting crew?

Fortunately, we have all the details about Outer Banks Season 4.

Outer Banks Season 4 - EWK BannerOuter Banks Season 4 - EWK Banner
(Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix)

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Has Outer Banks Been Renewed for Season 4?

Welcome to Poguelandia - Outer BanksWelcome to Poguelandia - Outer Banks

Babes, Outer Banks Season 4 was renewed before season three even aired!

That’s how confident Netflix has been in this action-packed adventure involving our favorite group of besties on a mission.

In February 2023, a pretty epic Outer Banks event took place, featuring many of the cast.

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Poguelandia, which took place in Huntington Beach, California, was the place to be.

Part of the immersive fan-friendly event included John B’s very own Chase Stokes announcing that the series got renewed for a fourth season.

“Outer Banks has been renewed for a fourth season! This is an incredible moment for all of us,” he shared. “To our cast and crew, thank you so much for all of your hard work.”

Pogue Hug - Outer Banks S03E02 (Tall)Pogue Hug - Outer Banks S03E02 (Tall)
(Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix)

Fingers crossed that we’ll get a similar announcement ahead of the fourth season, right?

Is Outer Banks Season 4 Currently Filming?

Currently filming? You guys, it just WRAPPED filming!

Dual strikes halted many things, causing many series and their future seasons to be out of whack.

But now that things are back on track, so is the excitement about what’s to come.

Fortunately, Outer Banks was able to plug away.

Pope/JJ Adventures - Outer Banks S03E02 (Tall)Pope/JJ Adventures - Outer Banks S03E02 (Tall)
(Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix)

The series started filming its new season in November 2023 in Wilmington, North Carolina, and it just officially wrapped up filming on June 20.

The Pogues made a fun announcement about the news, sharing that the season was a “wrapski” and teasing another epic journey!

When Will Outer Banks Season 4 Be Released?

Unfortunately, we don’t have an official premiere date for the new season.

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But speculation is that it’ll likely be in Fall 2024.

And now that things have officially wrapped and that the season will go into post-production for touch-ups, the likelihood that we’ll be reuniting with the Pogues and the Kooks sooner rather than later is infinitely higher.

Pogue Fun in the Ocean - Outer Banks S0301 (Tall)Pogue Fun in the Ocean - Outer Banks S0301 (Tall)
(Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix)

It’ll be interesting to see if it drops in the heart of Fall primetime television hitting the airwaves and the impact of that.

As a notoriously summer show with all the summer vibes, the series is released at a different time of the year.

How Did Outer Banks Season 3 End?

Let’s dust off the sand and refresh our memories of the previous season.

After another chaotic ordeal that included John B. mostly splitting up from the group to run off with his father in search of El Dorado, tragedy struck when he lost his father again, officially this time.

John B and Sr - Outer Banks S03E06 (Tall)John B and Sr - Outer Banks S03E06 (Tall)
(Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix)

Sarah could say the same as Ward died after doing one final good deed for the love of his daughter.

Despite some kidnappings, and Kie getting rescued from a sadistic behavior camp by bestie turned beau, JJ, and Pope and Cleo finally making a love connection of their own, the Pogues got their happily ever after.

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They found El Dorado’s treasure and returned to Kildare as heroes, able to cash in and achieve the success they had been hunting for over the course of three seasons.

Shockingly, the finale treated us to an 18-month time-jump that saw these teens now young adults, free from the confinements of high school and parents (not that it EVER held them back in the first place) and moving on to bigger and better things.

Ward Steps Off Plane - Outer Banks S03E06Ward Steps Off Plane - Outer Banks S03E06
(Jackson Lee Davis/Netfli)

John B felt like he had found some normalcy, and he and Sarah had a surf shop.

Pope went off to school, with Kie saving the turtles and JJ buying a charter boat.

But all their adult-like plans came to a screeching halt when a wealthy individual sidled up to them and dangled the prospect of another adventure.

Blackbeard’s treasure is up for grabs, and the Pogues are just the people to find it.

Despite the finality of the season’s time jump, the prospect of a new adventure opens things up!

What Will Outer Banks Season 4’s Plot Be About?

Rafe Struts - Outer Banks S0304 (Tall)Rafe Struts - Outer Banks S0304 (Tall)
(Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix)

The fourth season has the potential to be the most exciting one yet.

We can easily look at the impending season as a new chapter or ear for the series.

They’ve spent three seasons searching for the same treasure and unraveling the same mysteries, but now that those storylines are tied up with a neat bow, the series can explore so much more.

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By aging the characters up a bit, the series gets to mature more, as do the characters and their dynamics.

John B. and Sarah will both still be dealing with the loss of their fathers and grieving, and we’ll likely get to see how that manifests and changes them in due time.

John B and Sarah - Outer Banks S03E01 (Tall)John B and Sarah - Outer Banks S03E01 (Tall)
(Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix)

And that may or may not have an impact on their relationship as well.

And now that they’ve matured, there’s a level of self-doubt, according to star Chase Stokes, as the Pogues have officially been hired and tasked with finding one of the most famous treasures on earth.

Yes, the show introduced Blackbeard into the mix, and it sounds like the showrunners will play around with some of Blackbeard’s mythology.

Showrunner Josh Pate has also previously teased that the season will feature many flashbacks to recap what transpired in the 18-month time jump.

What Cast is Returning in Outer Banks Season 4?

Holding On - Outer Banks Holding On - Outer Banks

It wouldn’t be P4L without the Pogues, right?

Even though nearly the entire cast has catapulted to star level and are staying booked and busy these days, they’ll all be back for season 4.

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The main cast will include:

  • Madelyn Cline as Sarah Cameron
Kie Over the Shoulder - Outer Banks S03E02 (Tall)Kie Over the Shoulder - Outer Banks S03E02 (Tall)
(Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix)

  • Drew Starkey as Rafe Cameron

The cast will also include Austin North as Topper.

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Despite the fate of Charles Esten and Charles Halford’s characters during season three, it’s possible that they will still appear via flashbacks.

Are There New Faces Joining Outer Banks Season 4 Cast?

Topper - Outer Banks S03E06 (Tall)Topper - Outer Banks S03E06 (Tall)
(Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix)

Of course, there are, and we’re excited about who is joining the cast and in what capacity.

  • J. Anthony Crane from Billions will play a grief-stricken widow who plays a connective role in leading the Pogues toward their newest adventure.

  • Dynasty’s Brianna Brown is a former colleague and acquaintance of Ward and the island’s biggest realtor, who may partner with Rafe for future business deals.

  • Rigo Sanchez, who recurred in Station 19, will play a dangerous pirate of sorts, Lightner, who may be an obstacle for John B and the gang.
Vasquez 2 - Station 19 Season 3 Episode 4Vasquez 2 - Station 19 Season 3 Episode 4
(Byron Cohen/ABC)

  • Mia Challis from FBI: International will guest-star as wild child Ruthie, who takes a shine to Topper, although she may put the “to” in toxic!

Is There a Teaser for Outer Banks Season 4?

If you want a taste of the Pogues, then yeah, there’s a quick little teaser that will make you smile.

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While it doesn’t show us much, it reminds us that a fourth season is coming.

And it also totally embodies the characteristics of our favorite Pogue members.

Check it out!

How Many Episodes Will Be in Outer Banks Season 4?

We don’t have any official word on this, but it will most likely have ten episodes like the previous three seasons.

It’s not ultra-short, and, thus, the perfect episode count for a series like this!

When we get an official episode count, we’ll let you know!

Will Outer Banks Season 5 Be Split Into Two Parts?

Pope and Cleo - Outer Banks S0302 (Tall)Pope and Cleo - Outer Banks S0302 (Tall)
(Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix)

Unfortunately, we don’t know if Netflix will opt to subject another one of its most popular shows to the occasionally frustrating two-part split.

Other hit series such as Bridgerton and YOU have had to endure, while Virgin River had a season followed by a two-episode holiday event a few months later.

It’s too early to know if Netflix will do the same for Outer Banks, but their intention is typically to maintain and gain subscribers and keep people talking about a series for longer periods.

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Hope for the best; expect the worst.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that they’ll drop all the episodes at once and won’t break up the momentum that this fast-paced series will likely deliver in its fourth season.

John B Glow - Outer Banks S03John B Glow - Outer Banks S03
(Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix)

Is There A Trailer for Outer Banks Season 4?

There is no trailer for the new season yet, but we’ll update this post when one drops!

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