What’s that noise we hear?

Why, it’s the sweet sound of stilettos against the city streets of New York City as the women of one of Max’s biggest hits make their way back to us.

If you’ve missed them as much as we have, we know you are likely itching for some good news about these fashion-forward females.

And Just Like That... StillAnd Just Like That... Still
(HBO Max)

Luckily for you, we came prepared. Here’s everything we know so far about And Just Like That… Season 3!

Has And Just Like That… Been Renewed for Season 3?

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That would be an absolute hell yes! Carrie and crew will be back for another installment in the hit Max series, which has given these wonderful women new life and fresh perspectives.

The show was renewed in August 2023, but production was significantly delayed due to the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strike, which caused major industry waves.

Carrie on the Computer - And Just Like That...Carrie on the Computer - And Just Like That...
(Craig Blankenhorn / HBO Max)

What Is And Just Like That… About?

Set eleven years after the events of the 2010 film Sex and the City 2, the women of the hit television series transition from a life of liberation and friendship in their thirties to a more complicated reality of life and friendship in their fifties.

The second season finale left many doors open with the kind of potential that the series has become known for. Carrie and Aidan finally find a relationship while Miranda’s love life hangs in the air, and Charlotte continues to freak her family out with her return to the workforce.

Then there was that last juicy moment with Samantha, and even though everyone knew it was coming, we still tuned in for that euphoric shot of nostalgia.

Samantha Jones Cameo  - And Just Like That...Samantha Jones Cameo  - And Just Like That...
(Max (Screenshot))

We can always hope for a Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall reunion.

How Many Episodes Will And Just Like That… Season 3 Have?

It’s been reported that the third season will mirror the first two with similar episodes in the ten.

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Long gone are the Sex and the City seasons of eighteen to twenty episodes.

We had no idea how good we had it, but it is nice to see shows doing away with filler episodes due to main story priorities.

The fact that these amazing actresses were willing to return to their beloved roles means audiences are likely happy to receive the number of episodes they can get, especially after such a long wait between season drops.

Dinner Party at Carrie's - And Just Like That...Dinner Party at Carrie's - And Just Like That...
(Craig Blankenhorn/Max)

Who Is In And Just Like That… Season 3?

Thankfully, unlike many other popular returning shows across the broadcast and streaming airways, there wasn’t too much of a shake-up for the cast and characters of the show, with the majority set to return for the third season.

If anything, there is more hope than anything, as the much disliked Che Diaz, played by Sara Ramirez, will not be returning.

Her character saw a smooth exit from the series, with her character’s story coming to a natural end.

Also not returning but with much fewer waves is Dr. Nya Wallace, played by Karen Pittman, who will be seen in the Netflix series Forever and Apple TV+’s The Morning Show.

Sarah Jessica Parker (Divorce) as Carrie Bradshaw

Grinning About Her Date - And Just Like That...Grinning About Her Date - And Just Like That...
(Craig Blankenhorn/Max)

Cynthia Nixon (The Gilded Age) as Miranda Hobbes

Kristin Davies (Bad Teacher) as Charlotte York

Rose O’Donnell (SMILF) as Mary

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Mario Cantone (Hacks) as Anthony Marentino

David Eigenberg (Chicago Fire) as Steve Brady

Evan Handler (Power) as Harry Goldenblatt

Goldenblatt Family - And Just Like That...Goldenblatt Family - And Just Like That...
(Craig Blankenhorn/HBO Max)

Sarita Choudhury (Ramy) as Seema Patel

Nicole Ari Parker (Chicago PD) as Lisa Todd Wexley

John Corbett (How I Met Your Father) as Aiden Shaw

Christopher Jackson (Bull) as Herbert Wexley

Lisa and Herbert - And Just Like That...Lisa and Herbert - And Just Like That...
(Craig Blankenhorn/Max)

Niall Cunningham (Poker Face) as Brady Hobbes

Cathy Ang (The Blessing) as Lily Goldenblatt

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Alexa Swinton (Billions) as Rose Goldenblatt

Sebastiano Pigazzi (For All Mankind) as Guiseppe

Anthony and Giuseppe - And Just Like That...Anthony and Giuseppe - And Just Like That...
(Craig Blankenhorn/Max)

Dolly Wells (Younger) as Joy

Mehcad Brooks (Law & Order), Jonathan Cake (Stargirl), and Logan Marshall-Green (Big Sky)

As can be seen by the list, quite a few additions to the upcoming season, including industry vet Rosie O’Donnell, along with a few male characters who are reported to be love interests for series regulars.

Not that shocking as the original series was known for its revolving door of man candy.

There has been no official word on Kim Cattrall’s return despite her cameo at the end of the previous season, but fans are hoping beyond hope, with yours truly squarely in that corner as well.

It’ll be interesting to see how the writers and showrunners weave so many characters and their stories into the ten episodes the third season will likely get, but it’s clear the show is pushing down on the gas to keep the momentum going.

Happy Che - And Just Like That...Happy Che - And Just Like That...
(Craig Blankenhorn/Max)

Is there a Trailer for And Just Like That… Season 3?

At the moment, there is no official or even teaser for Season 3, primarily due to the now-ended actors’ and writers’ strike that was felt throughout every show and network over the last year.

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However, production of the show has picked up, and a few of the actresses have been seen filming scenes on the city streets.

But fans won’t have to go far once the trailer is released because here at TV Fanatic, we’re going to do everything we can to make sure everyone gets their eyes on it the moment it’s in our hands.

Nya Wallace - And Just Like That...Nya Wallace - And Just Like That...
(Sarah Shatz/Max)

Where Can I Watch And Just Like That… Season 3?

As most audiences know, Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda, and Samantha’s lives and loves have always had a home at HBO, with And Just Like That… following suit with their stay on the streaming platform Max.

Fans of the series can rewatch and catch up with the ladies, who have the first two seasons available for streaming before the third season arrives.

When Is The Premiere Date For And Just Like That… Season 3?

Speaking of the next season’s arrival, audiences may not be too happy with the news because multiple sources have confirmed that the series won’t return until 2025.

Serious Miranda - And Just Like That...Serious Miranda - And Just Like That...
(Sarah Shatz/Max)

Before you balk and guffaw, consider that more time between seasons means more time for the writers and head honchos to deliver a well-crafted and well-oiled machine of designer shoes and outfits with purses to match.

And who doesn’t love a perfectly put-together ensemble?

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What Other Shows Are Premiering?

Though fans of the series will have to put on their patience cap till the next season of And Just Like That…, Max has got audiences covered with a little something for everyone, with some fun big-budget projects making their premiere on the streamer this Fall!

Carrie and Aidan - And Just Like That...Carrie and Aidan - And Just Like That...
(Craig Blankenhorn/Max)

Superhero movies have dominated the big screen for over a decade, but this Fall, audiences will get to see hilarious depictions of what happens behind the scenes in the upcoming Billy Magnussen-led series The Franchise.

While fans will always love the caped crusader in all of his iterations, this September, they’ll be treated to the inner workings of the crime world in Gotham City as Colin Farrell becomes unrecognizable as the titular character in the premiere season of The Penguin.

Things are certainly looking spicey this coming Fall as the hit movie franchise known for its sandy settings comes to the small screen with Dune: Prophecy, set 10,000 years before the movies and follows sisters Valya and Tula Harkonnen as well as the Bene Gesserit.

It’s not all newbie shows this season with the return of the rising British hit series Industry as the group of young graduates competing for permanent positions at Pierpoint & Co, a prestigious investment bank in London, returns for a third season on August 11.

The Five Graduates - Industry Season 1 Episode 1The Five Graduates - Industry Season 1 Episode 1
(Amanda Searle/HBO)

Raise your glasses, ladies, because it’s going to be another year for our lovely ladies of The Big Apple, with plenty of amazing shows to accompany them.

Will you be able to make it to the inevitably entertaining third season of And Just Like That…?

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Which new Max series will you be adding to your “watch list?”

Drop a comment below to let us know, and join us again this coming television season when we start covering all your favorite new and returning shows!

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